You're Everything I Hoped For

I just wanted to thank all you zany Americans. I know it’s your Thanksgiving and you’re busy not killing family right now and getting ready for the shopping thing tomorrow but I appreciate you all taking time out to think of little old me.

Somehow you crashed the computer systems that make it possible for me to do my job. Sure they’re working on fixing it, but so far you’ve bought me enough time to have breakfast, go to the bank, have a coffee and a tea, fraternize with the uncleansed masses and think about blog posts!

I love each and every one of you! Take that you smelly Canadians! What have you done for me lately?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't make it to round 2 of that canadian blog contest! Yeah what have they done for you lately, don't they know a brilliant blog when they see one? Makes me want to bring another bottle of red to dinner today and sing "Roxanne" during all the football games.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!

Mob said...

Glad you could enjoy a day of rest with us Americans.

The trying not to kill family is tto close to the truth to be funny, I found out lats evening that we would have some of the inlaws, rather than none as I was originally promised.

Anonymous said...

I keep calling you, and you're screening me!

Dale said...

Cleary, I lost the American vote Bluez! Haha, that's okay, it was getting tiring explaining to myself why I should keep voting for me. My friends at The Stromboulopoli are still in the running for best group blog though! Keep drinking and keep singing!

You're welcome to you're welcome me anytime Old Lady.

Sort of restful until now as everything seems to be operational Mob. Sounds like you got a raw deal with the out laws there. Maybe they'll all fall asleep after the poisoned turkey?

How did you get this number Tanya?

Berry said...

Whoa there, Dale... a coffee AND a tea??? That was some serious down-time.

I should thank the 'Merkins too. 99.9% of the clients I work with are in the U.S., so I've got the day off! Of course, that also meant I had to work through our Thanksgiving, but hey... it's a pretty fair trade.

Tumuli said...

Thanks. My thoughts are also with you on this festive Thanksgiving Day...although I still am working.

justacoolcat said...

I gorged on turkey expecting that you'd be working hard all day to bring me a funny post and this is what I get?

A light dash of glib without a side of entendre?

That's it. Now there's no way I can go into work tomorrow.

So I guess I should be thanking you. Thanks man.

I'm glad we've got each others back.

Contiguous regions of land mass need to stick together.

X. Dell said...

We crashed the computers at your job? Do you want us to do it again tomorrow?

Coaster Punchman said...

We thank you for your well wishes. This year we give thans for Passion of the Dale. I'm sorry, but I did not intend to crash your computers. But I'm glad it gave you more time to blog.

SlayGirl said...

Nothing. I hang my head and go now.

Anonymous said...

Happy beingness to you, you unpleasant, uncelebratory bastard. Best wishes for whatever you do or don't celebrate; I love you unconditionally and always wish you the best. Just continue to amuse the rest of us simpletons. I'd shag you rotten if I had the chance, and enough drinks in me.

Dale said...

I know Berry and that never happens! I was quite pleased to have a little bit of breathing room in an otherwise busy day.

Stop working Tumuli. At once.

Can you fathom the shame and pain I feel knowing how I've let you down Justacoolcat? I am right now eating many shortbread cookies with chocolate covered almonds baked in to help me through. Also, I will cover you today so enjoy the day off.

Coaster Punchman, you're a schweetheart, thanks be to you.

Cookie Slaygirl?

Of the many blogger pals I've come to know Creepy, you're an original. Somehow I feel violated but happy about it at the same time. That's pure talent!

SlayGirl said...

Uh, Thanks...you are a giving, giving man:)

Dale said...

I just had another one Slaygirl. Delicious aren't they?