You've Been Served

Every day after I get my coffee on the way to work, I go to the corner to cross the street and walk by a grate that has a person or two huddled under blankets on it asleep.

I feel bad for them and wish I didn't pretend they weren't there sometimes and at the same time, feel lucky that I'm not homeless or mentally ill.

This morning, someone was asleep on the grate under a load of blankets. As I neared the corner, a girl showed up and started trying to shake the person awake asking Breakfast? Do you want breakfast? Hello!! Community Outreach, do you want some breakfast? Hello! Hello! Breakfast! The person wasn't answering and so she went back to her outreach van.

I'm not sure if I was more upset that this person gets their breakfast delivered or that the worker was so aggressive about trying to serve it.

Dear Community Outreach,

If you ever bring me breakfast in bed, just a warning, I can be a bit of a bear so please, don't shake me awake or yell at me while you do it. Just leave the food and keep moving. That would be grate great. Thanks.




mellowlee said...

I wonder what was for breakfast....

Tenacious S said...

All I need to know is, do they serve bacon?

Anonymous said...

a bit of a bear?! (ziggy swoons)

Beth said...

You'd think he'd be more grate-ful. Nobody brings me breakfast ... nobody sings me love songs ... nobody brings me flowers anymore.

(And my coolness factor just plummeted 23 points.)

Anonymous said...

In my town we have independents.

People leave bags of food, clothes and blankets on the park benches for the homeless men & women.

Anonymous said...

That's really nice that they bring food around. I hope they came back when your sleeper was awake.

lulu said...

bacon? Did someone say bacon?

Anonymous said...

You could have offered to take it from Outreach lady, "I'll give this to him when he wakes up." and then just enjoyed the bacon cheese and tomato sandwich, with a mug of steaming hot sugary tea at your desk...stupid volunteers, volunteering all over the place just to make the rest of us look bad.

Anonymous said...

I remember catching a train early in the morning in Philadelphia and all these men were sleeping on the heating grates. I don't know what the protocol is with the outreach workers, but in many cases they have one and it's been worked through by someone. It's possible that someone there determined that it's better practice to wake them up for breakfast.

Still a strange image though.

justacoolcat said...

Don't fret, at your age the only thing that will shake you awake is gas.

Berry said...

Um... before she walked away indignant, did she check for a pulse??

Anonymous said...

okay this is gonna be really morbid but i know its happened for a fact.

did anyone verify that the homeless person was actually still alive? alot of them die in their sleep out in public and people ignore them until there is a stench.

and tanya espanya made me snort. lol

Coaster Punchman said...

I once woke a friend up on a train to ask if she wanted some of my cookies. I got yelled at. What a dumb ass, on accounta I didn't really want to share my cookies anyway.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yes, I was wondering if she was checking to see if he was still alive as well, but if she in fact determined that he was, she could have left the breakfast, and if he wasn't, she shouldn't have left.

Did you notice you are nominated for a Blogger award? I voted for you.

Creepy said...

Oh no. I don't care if I'm starving, waking me out of a dead sleep is not a good idea. I even go off on my cat when she is trying to get a drink out of the cup of water on my nightstand and the level is too low so she tips the glass, which ends in it spilling onto me and the bed (I can't imagine a more intolerable way to be woken up then cold water). I get so pissed I lock her out of the room. Of course I eventually cave in to her crying outside the door and let her back in. But nevertheless, you'd better have a damn good reason to wake me from a dead sleep.

Dale said...

I don't know but my stomach grumbled just at the thought Lee.

When I see her again, I'm planning to find out Tenacious S.

Hands where I can see em please Zig.

I can't top grate-ful and so I restore your 23 points Beth.

Sounds like a good system. The problem is so big here Old Lady that it seems to require committees, think tanks and several organizations. Sad really.

I hope they did too Gizmorox.

Once I get the scoop on the bacon, I'm giving you a full report Lulu.

Love that Tanya, the old I'll just hold his breakfast for him trick. And you're right - overachieving voluntards.

Twist and Crawl I can understand Chancelucky but woe is the system that calls for Shake and Yell.

Got a match Coolcat?

Berry, you're a good soul and that's a good thought. There was some sort of movement, just no dialogue.

Yas, I like the way you went for the heartfelt but still owned up to the snort. 2 points.

Cookies? Yes please. You may wake me up for cookies but please be gentle.

She knew I'd have stolen the breakfast. Thanks for the vote Barbara! I went over and voted for you too.

Hey Creepy, I'm the same. If it's not cookies, money or sex, leave me alone. That cat of yours would become endangered if you weren't such a softie at heart.

X. Dell said...

Tenacious, I would suspect they serve Canadian bacon.

So, Dale, what's on the lunch menu for the outreach program, I wonder? Could be the guy was on a diet.

Dale said...

Could very well be true X. Dell! I really need to investigate this more fully to take full advantage.