Please Write Anything Else!

I brought it upon myself. For making fun of spam in my prior post, the Blue Meanies attacked me today. I came home to 64 new comments on various posts. I was happy when my email started to download until I quickly realized that 3 of them were legitimate comments and the rest were from robotic spam fiends who failed grammar class.

The messages alternated between the following comments:

Your blog is great. Articles is interesting!

Thanks to author.

Hello all.

Nice article.

and my favourite:

Please write anything else!

In order for me to write anything else, I have temporarily turned on the comment verification feature. Please pray for me during this difficult time.

Yours in Christ,



BeckEye said...

"Please write anything else!"

That's awesome. I had one early in my blogging career that said, "Stop blogging right now!" I think I left it up because I thought it was funny.

Bubs said...

Praise Jeebus, I'm lighting candles for you as I type this. Which is tough, lighting one-handed and all.

Spammers, I think, are like alligators--constant vigilance is required.

Mob said...

I usually get the 'please write anything else' from the four people who read my stuff on a regular basis, which makes me cry inside.

Bots suck, I had the same experience once, about 30 random generic comments in a single afternoon.

I'll put your web address on my church's prayer list, expect some more weird traffic.

Marloes said...

If it's anything else they are looking for, they should stop at my blog..:)
Oeps...forgot, I'm still down with the flu so there is nothing else to read

PJ said...

I think the Korean bagel lady has found your blog. She's a talented woman, creating personalised spambots and all. Perhaps this is the Web 2.0. version of the classic evil flying monkeys...

Tenacious S said...

What? Are they not amused by the Bagel Lady and Honey Pot? Those spammers have no sense of humor.

pistols at dawn said...

You know, Dale, if you don't want me to comment on your blog, just say so.

And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who signs letters "Yours in Christ."

Dale said...

That is hilarious. I feel honoured to be in your presence or should I say presents Beckeye?

I'd let my guard down Bubs, I blame me. Thanks for the votive of confidence.

Don't hold it all in like that Mob, cry out loud.

If only I was a doctor Marloes, I'd have you up and running in no time or down for the count.

PJ, you may be right, she's a crafty thing. I'll plan a suitable revenge.

The amusement with them comes from their deliciously screwy messages Tenacious S. Still, I'd rather not hear from them.

Coming from a background of mild religious fanaticism Pistols, I signed a photo to my mother that way one day and she didn't bat an eye, I think it made her happy.

Jacy said...

Those were all me, actually. Sorry!! I just was a bit overcome with love for you.

X. Dell said...

Nice article. Thanks to author. Your articles is interesting. Please write anything else.

Dale said...

I knew it was you Jacy, I just wanted to flush you out.

I'm on it X. Dell. You good writer.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Your blog is great. Articles is interesting! Thanks to author. Hello all. Nice article.

and my favourite: Please write anything else!"

Dang, you don't recognize the pigdin patterns? Don't they sound rather...familiar? It's the KBL getting you back for making her an infamous 'net celeb.

The next thing is cream cheese in your mailbox.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Please write anything else!"

Wow, that's one of my responses from a screenwriting contest. Except they wrote about a hundred times.

Dale said...

You'd think I'd have made the connection wouldn't you WP? I'm not the brightest bagel in the bin sometimes. PJ picked up on this too. The shame.

Submit the same screenplay but in longhand, maybe they'll admire your old skool style.

jewgirl said...

please write anything else? shameful. don't you change a thing, potd.

Jill said...

Well, I would say that if it wasn.t for us, your commenters, this site just won,t be worth it, Dale!!
But then, I,m still coming back, waiting for you to respond to my comment!!!

is that so wrong? said...

That picture looks strangely like a toilet-bowl-blue version of The Noid from the 1980s Domino's Pizza commercials. Obscure reference, yes, but it's the first thing that struck me.

Dale said...

I thought it was shameful too Jewgirl. I refuse to change a thing. I changed this comment several times before I hit publish though.

Gee thanks Jill, it's good to know you're there for me when I need you.

Very obscure but only because I don't know the reference ITSW.

Writeprocrastinator said...


"Submit the same screenplay but in longhand, maybe they'll admire your old skool style."

Anything done in a different font gets a one-way trip to the circular bin, I'd hate to think of what would happen to something actually written.

ITSW is right, Domino's ripped the Noid off of the Big Blue Meanies.

Dale said...

Write Procrastinator, validator for the ages or for one (like me) too lazy to look up the reference. Thank you.

Your writing would probably end up as paper airplanes I guess which could be fun, just not for you.