For Those About To Write

I must say that I receive a lot of really excellent comments on my posts and for that, I thank you.

Recently, Write Procrastinator made me laugh pretty hard with a comment that I consider suitable for framing (or for being framed with).

On my recent Sticks and Stones post, WP called me Baron Dale von Sacher-Masoch for the repeat business I bring the Korean Bagel Lady's way.

I pointed out that I was a masochist from way back and commented that WP reads me like a book, a very short book, possibly with pictures.

His rebuttal:

See the Korean Bagel Lady pour hot coffee on Dale.
Pour, Korean Bagel Lady, pour.

See the Korean Bagel Lady pelt Dale with bagels.
Pelt, Korean Bagel Lady, pelt.

A classic no?

WP is not only a brilliant commenter but a prolific writer. Along with his blog here, he maintains another where he writes under a pen name. He hosts a fun movie title combining game over here and has been featured in the digital pages of Astonishing Adventures Magazine. For a procrastinator, he's pretty damned busy!

For all you do Write Procrastinator, sah-lute!


Chancelucky said...

I worry that this Korean Bagel Lady thing is some sort of romantic triangle with you and WP.

gifted typist said...

Dale, the podcast!
Not only is your voice perfect for the medium, but you sound so much like one of my fave's: David Sedaris. I used to listen to him on the BBC and loved every word.
Please get into the CBC and replace Stewart McBoring who whatever his name is... Please?

BeckEye said...

Every morning when I wake up, I wonder, Who do I love more...Dale or WP?

I can't answer, so I just go back to sleep and have erotic dreams about various celebrities.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Chance Lucky,

Not a chance, I don't like bagels. If Dale woos a Korean BBQ Lady? Then it's on like original Star Trek and the Klingons.


Thank you, thank you, thank you : .)


Ah yes, a little more incentive to become successful.

pistols at dawn said...

This is like Mr. Procrastinator getting his own spin-off, like Mike Seaver's gym coach becoming the star of Just the Ten of Us.

I've got to be honest, I never much cared for that show. No offense intended, Mr. Procrastinator.

Dale said...

Bizarre Love Triangle comes to mind Chancelucky. I had promised to 'pimp' WP in exchange for votes. Sadly, I am late. I blame him for me not winning the $15 prize.

Thanks Gifted Typist you flatterer you! I work close enough to the CBC you know, I should walk in there and demand that McBoring be ousted. I saw Rick Mercer on Monday and Tuesday this week in the park next door.

You make the right choice by just rolling over Beckeye. When will you be writing about your dreams?

He's protesting a lot there Chancelucky, I'd be skeptical. You're welcome WP but I wouldn't let the KBL near any cooking appliance more powerful than the bagel toaster and the coffee machine. And yes, why aren't you more successful?

Wait and see what I have planned for you Pistols at Dawn. Television will never be the same.

Jill said...

Don't you have other subject than the Bagel Lady to talk about?? You sure been talking a lot about her for somebody that don't like her much, Dale!!

Dale said...

You might be right Jill. I'm leaving you my blog in the will.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

WP's short story of Dale and the bagel lady is a compelling look into the bagel vendor pysche and her love-hate relationship with the white guy.

Jacy said...

WP's comments are always so good that I am too embarrassed to post after reading them.

katrocket said...

What do I have to do to get my own "check out this person's blog" post? Because my numbers are down and I'm up for anything. I had no idea I could have used votes as leverage. Damn.

X. Dell said...

I'll drink to Writer Procrastinator.

Dale von Sacher-Masoch? That's not a bad idea, you know. You could write a novel titled Korean Bagel Lady in Furs. I can see your opening paragraph now:

"Don't you know me yet? Yes, I am cruel--since you take so much delight in that word-and am I not entitled to be so? Dale is the one who desires, Korean bagel lady the one who is desired. This is Korean Bagel Lady's entire but decisive advantage. Through his passion nature has given Dale into Korean Bagel Lady's hands, and the woman who does not know how to make him her subject, her slave, her toy, and how to betray him with a smile in the end is a dumbass."

Dale said...

Who knew I was doing such important work Barbara?

I am constantly embarrassed by even writing 'WP' for fear of reprisal Jacy.

Kat, there are several things that work: threats, intimidation, chocolate, desire, worry free bagels. This is not meant to imply that WP used any of these tactics.

X. Dell - I insist you write the book, I just want to read it, laugh, cry, howl and try not to get cheese crumbs from my bagel all over it.

Bubs said...

There's a lot of love in the room, isn't there?

Jill said...

Dale, what have become of you through out the summer?? You are about to give in without a fight!! There is no fun it that for me!!

Dale said...

Yes there is Bubs, help me find the exit.

Put up your dukes Jill, I'll fight you.

Writeprocrastinator said...


"This is like Mr. Procrastinator getting his own spin-off, like Mike Seaver's gym coach becoming the star of Just the Ten of Us."

Au contraire, you have the wrong "Growing Pains" chracter for I am not the coach. I am "Boner," an individual with an unfortunate nickname and no series in sight.


"Bizarre Love Triangle comes to mind Chancelucky. I had promised to 'pimp' WP in exchange for votes. Sadly, I am late. I blame him for me not winning the $15 prize."

After that fine post, you will have no further problems getting votes from me and others. I am Sam Giancana, to your Kennedy. Hopefully Becky won't go Lee Harvey on you.

"And yes, why aren't you more successful?"

I don't know. I am considering changing my name to StephenJ.K. Rowlingking and seeing where that takes me.

Thanks all for the niceties, especially you Dale. May your bagels and coffee stay saliva-free forever.

Jill said...

You don't mind if you are getting hurt in the process, Dale??

Coaster Punchman said...


Dale said...

I live for the pain Jill.

He's special CP.

Jill said...

WE should have fun!!

Dale said...


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