Food Glorious Food

There have been articles in magazines and newspapers recently about what top chefs would choose as their last meal. The question is posed in support of a book called My Last Supper by photographer Melanie Dunea which features their answers represented pictorially.

Several of the responses were not for fancy schmancy dishes but rather comfort food tied to their childhoods and dear old Mom, something I’d understand better if my mother had been a decent cook.

Digging around on the internet, I found that there was some detailed information on last meal requests made by death row inmates but at the moment, and all moments really, I'm far more interested in what I'd have.

First I thought of chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, creamy spinach with cheese, vegetables, and cheesecake with a follow up snack of Halloween candy but then I thought, why repeat what I just had last night?

Visions danced through my head - onion rings, hash browns, an end cut of roast beef, a three legged dog (how’d that get in there?), my mother’s fudge -- there are far too many possibilities!

At the moment, I’m happy I’m not being asked to make any final decisions and also that nobody’s taking my picture, this shade of gravy on my shirt does nothing for me.


pistols at dawn said...

I'd go to an endless buffet, and then never die until my arteries shut down from onion ring grease.

Andi said...

One of my English classes just had the opportunity to read about this very subject for the "Tradition" chapter of their textbook. I have no idea what I would choose, except it would have to have a shrimp and cheesecake element. Not together, mind you.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

My mother is also not a particularly good cook. But she orders take-out like no one else!

Jane Austen Jr. said...

Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Valerie said...

Dog meat doesn't taste as good as you'd think.

Jacy said...

Mmmmm .... the end cut of a prime rib. I'd fight you for that.

Bubs said...

Mmmmmm. Now this is the kind of blog post that I whole-heartedly support.

You could basically roll me into any good restaurant in the French Quarter, pour a bourbon down my throat, hand me a menu and then yell "GET GOING"

Skylers Dad said...

I would have pasties, like my grandmother used to make.

Grant Miller said...

But what company would you keep for your last meal?

gifted typist said...

Vietnamese steamed chicken.It is my alpha and my omega. No question

Allison said...

My mom was not the greatest cook either. Probably why I'm a vegetarian now, less chance of screwing up veggies. I mean slightly less.

Tanya Espanya said...

My Evil Mum is an excellent cook which is why I'm not.

Tonight for dinner I had a can of chick peas mixed up with some spinach and a can of mushroom soup. No, not like a soup, more like a sludge...it was good though.

Rowbear is making hisself a pastrami sandwich (what, you think I'd make it for him?) and Alexander had a bottle of milk.

I love junk food but I'm not sure what my last meal would be. Maybe Taco Bell?

Chancelucky said...

I guess I wouldn't worry about cancer or fat, but if I were about to be executed by lethal injection, I'd ask for the antidote.

Beth said...

See. I think that gravy stain makes your eyes pop.

Dale said...

Buffet is a good idea Pistols, I was thinking lots of appetizers and fried foods.

Thank you for not putting those two things together Andi!

What does she like to make BSUWG? Reservations.

That ain't chicken Jane Jr!

Is it a little ruff going down Valerie?

It's on Jacy.

Bourbon is a food group Bubs so I support you supporting this post.

Pasties? Or pastries Skyler's Dad?

You and Jesus are the only ones worth inviting Grant.

Hmm, I've never had that before Gifted Typist. I'll make sure there's some ready for you.

Sounds like you're following in her footsteps Allison. Veggies and then poof, that's it?

Think of the lovely smell after you're gone Tanya.

Tasty answer Chancelucky! Get the large size just in case.

Hahahaha, it does make my eyes pop Beth!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'd have one of everything. Except creamed corn and chicken feet. And I would alternate salty, sweet, salty, sweet, so I would never get sick of anything.

Ooo now I can hardly wait for death row!

X. Dell said...

I guess there's a real romanticism about the last meal. For most of us, however, it will probably consist of something like pureed beets and applesauce. Worse yet, we won't know it's our last meal, and perhaps there's a certain kindness in that.

Now, an ideal meal would be a different story.

BeckEye said...

I'm tagging along with Pistols.

Doc said...

I just want blue food. Not blueberrys. They are purple. Just blue food, and not Jello.

I want to leave behind a colorful message for the world and then have them ignore it.


Marloes said...

Ah, now there is a challenge. As long as I wouldn't have to prepare the meal (I can't cook, not even if you paid me) I would love to taste my grandmothers cooking. Acoording to my sisters she was the best cook ever. Hardly suprising because she was old school, all fresh ingredients and meat from animals that still had the oppertunity to roam about happy and free. I was to young got remember it.

Holly said...

I want to come to your house for dinner.

And I look really good in gravy.

Coaster Punchman said...

Am I going to have to come up there and bitch slap you for that crack about Rachael?

More importantly than the three-legged dog, how did your mother's fudge make it onto the final list?

Dale said...

Congratulations on your exclusions Barbara and for the excellent idea of alternating the tastes. You've got good tastes.

X. Dell, how funny, sad and sweet. I hope if it's pureed beets, I at least have hope of a better meal right before I nod off and forget to come to.

Ted's Montana Grill has some nice onion rings Beckeye. Meet me there.

Doc, it'd be hard to ignore your message, it so......blue.

I'd give your Grandmother's food a try Marloes, old school is the best way.

You said you wanted to come over Holly but I couldn't wait any longer, I ate everything, gravy included. Tonight, 7 pm.

Like Jesus, Rachael loves me this I know CP, she's too kind not to. Plus I only use E.V.O.O.! While my mother wasn't the best cook, she did have a few specialties such as her excellent maple fudge and homemade bread.

Jake's Mom said...

What time did you say you'd be here to cook dinner?

Bella Rossa said...

My choice would be simple: brie with Triscuits, and something with "Ben and Jerry's" on the label. Hopefully my tastes will improve and become more sophisticated with time. I just left Indiana two years ago, for Pete's Sake.

Melly said...

Braised short ribs over homemade noodles, brocccoli rabe with garlic and some bacon bits (steamed then sauteed...how do I put a mark over that second e!), and an ice cold hef.

Warm apple pie with some homemeade vanilla ice cream on top...and a cup of java.

Dale said...

I missed my flight Jake's Mom and lucky for you because I'm almost as good a cook as my mother.

There is nothing more sophisticated than ice cream Bella, especially if eaten directly out of the container.

I'd share that meal but then leave before you died Melly. What's a 'hef'?

Melly said...

Hef=hefeweizen beer. Of course, some may have thought I was referring to Hugh Hefner..I hear the girls call him "Hef".

Just a Girl said...

Party food. Appys and sweets are so yum.

Dale said...

I'd rather spend time with beer than Hef Melly. Thanks for the explanation.

Since you have such good taste, you're invited to the last supper Just a Girl.