Electoral Sex

Remember last month when I bought that goat? He never writes. Fucker.

I should have done this earlier. Some of the lovely people who helped get my goat are in the Top 10 running at Blog Interviewer this month. I want them to win! win! win!

Click on their names and vote for:

Beckeye because she's America's Next Top Model Blogger

Lori because anyone who writes about pussy should be in the Top 3

Toadee because I robbed him but just barely last time

Margo because, well, she's an excellent writer.

Barbara tell me why you're not in the Top 10? I'll take the blame if you'd like.

Everyone else can suck it but only because I'm too lazy to know them. And because Beckeye loves the movie Grease so much, may I just say If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.


Danny Tagalog said...

I had no idea that there were these type of blogging comps.... and you sponsored a goat to gain votes??? Ha ha!

Hahn at Home said...

Dale, you are truly a friend to lesbians. I'm sure we'll all want to let you watch sometime. Thanks!

pistols at dawn said...

You truly are a man of the people, sir. You've taught me that giving back doesn't just have to involve spitefully transmitting the herp.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I heard that the goat has been sending postcards to Beckeye. So I've been voting for her.

Dale said...

I won't say I got behind the goat Danny, that would be rude.

I hope you make it to threesomes, I mean third HaH!

You can transmit it just as easily with a smile on Pistols at Dawn.

Ack, Barbara! I added you to the list, why are you not in the Top 10. Is it my fault?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm not in the top 10 because you don't love me enough, Dale. I'm very very needy.

BeckEye said...

Where did you hear that, Barbara? Since when can't a woman and a goat have a friendly, not-at-all sexual relationship? It's not like we've ever been together. Did I mention our relationship was not sexual in the least? Damn, you bloggers are worse than the pap! Why can you just leave the goat and I alone!?!

By the way, thanks for the push Dale, but I thought we'd all given up on that site? Did you ever get your third place prize?? My brother told me that he voted for me once and then got shitloads of spam email. That site is eeeevil. Evil, I say!

X. Dell said...

Me be an athletic supporter? Okay. I hope one of you guys gets the cup.

Margo Moon said...

Not only does that goat not write, he's hitting all the bars, tanking up on ouzo and feta cheese, then trashing you, Dale. Telling some fairly unwholesome barnyard stories featuring you and the chickens.

Anyway, I'm an athlete!

Thanks for the support.

Dale said...

Me love you long time Barbara. Should I have Halle Berry draft me an apology for that remark? I'm voting, honest.

I did get my winnings sent to me by Paypal Beckeye so I was happy as, well, your goat.

If your cup runneth over X. Dell, someone may end up very happy.

Well Margo, if a chicken is flaunting breasts and thighs all over the place, things can happen. Fucking goat!

Chancelucky said...

Can we vote for the goat too?

jewgirl said...

I will vote, doll. I will. I will. I will.

Melly said...

I have been voting cause your goat writes and tells me to.

When ya visit me..please hit Sacramento Top 25 link on left hand side of the page. I'll have my sheep write to remind you.

Dale said...

Vote for the goat, eat to the beat, anything you want Chancelucky.

Will you Jewgirl? Will you?

How can I vote for you Melly? Let me count the ways. That was baaaad. Sorry.