7 Ways You Can Find My Blog While Searching The Dubya Dubya Dubya

squirrel in a cast metro newspaper - I love it when one of those little bastards takes a spill!

david alan grier maya angelou video clip - Still nobody has the Butterfinger SNL thing on YouTube? What's wrong with you losers?

who did lighting for pulse concert? - Why? Having some work done in your basement?

lulu firefighters competition try out - Lulu! What are you doing when you're not being *respectable* in front of all those poor kids?

How to make headphones out of pipe cleaners - Tomorrow, how to sculpt your snot.

Dale's Dead Bug - Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bug.

hygienist mask gas office chair - Coming soon from the mind of Mel Brooks - Double Dental Indemnity


lulu said...

You can find my blog searching "miss lulu porn" what do you think I've been doing?

And I actually do have a fireman fetish, although I think many women do.

Gretta James said...

This is so cool.

I can't wait to learn how to sculpt my snot ;).

Someone searched "pornagraphic cartoons" and found my blog. Um why!!


ziggystardust73 said...

I've had 'Ziggy is a homo' and also 'Miss Piggy hi ya karate chop' recently. Do you think that someone is trying to tell me something?

Old Lady said...

My search words are sparse-quips on a lima bean was interesting

Chancelucky said...

I get

naked pictures of Rachel Wacholder (a volleyball player)

pictures of Amber Willey (another volleyball player who happened to pose for Playboy once)

I don't have pictures of either one on my site. I've mentioned their names and so I show up on like page 6 of a yahoo search.

I also get a lot of Condoleeza Rice sex life searches, but I actually have a post about the Rice/Bush affair rumor.

I have about nineteen articles about Karl Rove and as far as I can tell, I've never had a Karl Rove search find my blog.

katie schwartz said...

don't you just love seeing the crazy key phrases your blog comes up on. it's creepy and refreshing all at once.

Grant Miller said...

That poor, poor squirrel.

Dale said...

Nothing common about you Lulu. Well except for that firefighter fetish thing!

May I see your doodles Gretta James?

Maybe they're trying to get you to tell them something Ziggy.

I wouldn't say you're sparse on the quips O.L., I'd say you're just right.

Next time I check, you know Karl Rove's gonna show up Chancelucky! I'll direct them to you okay?

Can you really say Dale without thinking creepy Katie? Wait, that's a different Katie.

He looks funny on crutches but he'll be fine once his heart stops racing Grant.

Peter said...

"Daydream Vaccination" yeilds myself and some kind of encrypted computer code that I initially mistook for free-form poetry. Is it really hygenist 'mask gas', Dale? That don't seem right to me.

shroom-monkey said...

I always get a kick out of search engines some of mine today were:

edge having sex
monkey addicted worm video

kick ass!!!!

Ben said...

Isn't google just the most fantastic thing.

Coaster Punchman said...

Hmm, the hygienist gas mask chair - wasn't there a Seinfeld episode on that topic? I didn't know you were into such kinky shit. Glad to hear it.

Dale said...

Peter! How've you been? Good to see you. None of it seems right does it? How will we ever evolve if people keep trying to mask their gas?

Why does anyone search for anything Shroom? Clearly, you're the answer to all questions.

Ben Ben Ben - strange is the question with no question mark.

All the best stuff happens when I'm unconcious CP. Don't tell me you stay awake for it still?

X. Dell said...

Metro papers were holding casting calls for squirrels? What was the show? "The Nutcracker Theif?"

Dale said...

The Flying Squirrel Nun - I just want to see one in the hat.

X. Dell said...

I could get into the hat, as long as the flying squirrel nun can sing "Climb Every Mountain," and hangs out with a moose and a couple of KGB agents.

SlayGirl said...

Yeah! Glad I am back on. Dude, sorry about your bug. You seem to be coping well though:)

Dale said...

I love Natasha and the gang X. Dell so I'd watch for sure. Although I didn't watch the big screen foray based on previews alone.

Slaygirl, you're the only one who offered condolences. I appreciate that. I'm glad I left the part out where I stepped on him causing the death to begin with.

Anonymous said...

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