The Heat Is On

Today at work, someone joked about our co-worker resigning yesterday saying this was a one down, one to go situation. They were referencing a girl on my team who can be quite unpleasant at times. The difference however, is that she does her work.

The job we do requires frequent contact with the public and civility is expected. Believe it or not, I can be quite civil when provoked.

This girl is very confrontational and rude both to staff and to the public. Today, she resigned. The office has livened up considerably and she seems a fair bit happier too. There's light in her eyes that I hadn't seen before so it seems it was the right thing to do for her.

Now, we’ll be a happier group but one with a lot more work to do.

Fucking twits. Now I have to get two thank you cards.


Old Lady said...

Maybe they are getting married!

Coaster Punchman said...

Hmmm, not to rain on your parade Dale, but what if their replacements are WORSE?

Oh, and for the record, the two (2!) people who followed me in the job where everyone hated me both quit in less than a year. When I heard this I hopped around saying "it's not me! It's not me!"

Ok, I didn't really do that but I may as well have.


Dale said...

I'd definitely throw rice at them, or other things Old Lady.

CP, why you always bringing me down man? :-) I'm just hoping for replacements at all. There have been some personnel issues all over the place lately.

Will you be making a hopping video available to your legions?

Gretta James said...

Gaww they all drop off in your place. It maybe you next from being overworked.
Chin up.


Bubs said...

I think bowing your head and mouthing a silent "thank you, Jeebus" should be sufficient.

Then do a deranged happy dance in the privacy of your own home, thinking of the obnoxious fucktards you no longer have to work with, and the money you saved not buying thank you cards.

Enjoy life's little victories.

Anonymous said...

yeah, when I left my job all of upper management was a happy bunch. They had tried unsucessfully to fire me for years, but I needed the health insurance so I skimmed just over the edge of unemployment. I hated them all for cheesing it up my last couple days. I punished them by showing up unexpected for impromptu lunch dates, where I rambled and cursed and pissed em off for a full hour of their time. I eventually got bored with that game and quit showing up. I did see my old boss once out shopping - I called her a cunt and that I hope she ends up unhappy, childless and single forever....

Anonymous said...

that was a whole lot of info eh? Sorry Dale, I was having a prob with flashbacks

Fucking government jobs

Anonymous said...

More work to do but just think, they're both on their way to a new job to make new people miserable! Its worth the buck fifty for the cards....or you can always make your own thank you cards, or better yet send them both e-cards! LOL

Mob said...

Hallmark must be loving you this week, my friend.

Yasamin said...

wanna know something trippy? Sometimes these people who are complete assfaces at work are that way because they are stuck in the job they hate. outside the job, they might be oustandingly funny people with happy faces and good times.

its just at work, they earn the saying
"Jesus loves you, but I still think you're an AssHat."

ps throw those bitches a pot luck and make them bring the most expensive food on the list. hehehe

SlayGirl said...

Thinking, yeah, he laughed, he cried, he grew as a person...then I saw:

"Fucking twits. Now I have to get two thank you cards."

That slayed me!!

mellowlee said...

Wow that's just crazy they both quit. Yippeeee for you I guess eh :) I wonder if good things happen in threes as well.

ziggystardust73 said...

just get the one card and make it out to the 'Fucking Twits'.

that would work.

Holly said...

Just to be clear, what will you be thanking them for?

Ben said...

You ARE going to need to get that cannon primed the way this week is going.

Dale said...

The chin is always up Gretta. It might have bandages on it from collapsing onto my desk but it's there.

If I silently mouth that enough and people keep catching me Bub, that might be my way outta here! Too bad I actually don't think like that. Life is brimming with small victories and I like it.

Shroom Monkey - you're a very endearing combination of rebel and a mess. I like the way you rattle the cage.

E-cards implies an ongoing contact and I'll still be sanitizing Bluez.

Usually they don't even acknowledge me Mob so it's a good week.

We'll take them out for lunch Yasawonderwoman but that's about it. That's the point I was trying to make - she's clearly not happy here so I'm glad she'll be going somewhere that it might be different for her. Awwwww.

Laugh or cry? Go with the laugh usually SG.

I wondered the same thing Mel. I'll keep you posted.

Sound thinking Ziggy and then they can fight over it or not.

For leaving, Holly.

Beth said...

Just pray that your bosses don't hire two fucking twits to replace the fucking twits.

Grant Miller said...

That must be tough having to engage in frequent contact with people. I'd hate that job.

Dale said...

Ben, gloriously, we're nearing week's end. Ahhhhh.

Haha, that's my exact hope Beth.

It's all about the people and the disinfectant sometimes Grant.

X. Dell said...

You know what they say abut being careful what you wish for. If you didn't before, you know it now.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could sanatize a few people out of my office. In 20 years I've taken time off twice, once for my dying mother, the other time for chemo. How come upper managment notices THAT and not the fucking twits that come and go as they please? GAWD

Yasamin said...

ps. I am wonder woman but keep that on the down low. ~_0

katie schwartz said...

sweetie, maybe you should fuck her. albeit, it doesn't have the same personal gratitude that a thank you card has. but it might make you feel better, no?

Angela said...

Instead of thank you cards, maybe you could've taken some photocopy paper and drawn stick-people versions of them getting shat upon.

Dale said...

I know what they say and I carry it with me X. Dell along with your insight.

Sounds like you're a trooper extraordinaire Bluez. They never notice the good it seems.

I knew it all along Yas.

But it would make her feel great and that's what I don't want. Aw fuck it.

Hmm, doodie.com, I'll send them a link to the stink. You're smart Angela.