Remembrance Day

Recently I decided that I spend far too much money on entertainment. This may sound impossible but only if you don't know me.

So my brainwave today involved going to see the good folks at Deja Vu Discs rather than signing over my entire paycheque to the First Bank of Amazon.

Deja Vu is a small chain of stores that buys and sells used cds, dvds and video games and they somehow manage to pay more for your used stuff than any of the other local outfits which is great.

Within 15 minutes I had in my hand 2 cds and 2 dvds and spent 30 bucks less than I would have elsewhere. And that's 30 bucks more I can spend on you!

I hope Deja Vu will remember me now that I've remembered them and we can see each other a bit more often.

Warren Zevon - A Quiet Normal Life
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones

David Cross - Let America Laugh
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - a 3 disc set


Beth said...

I'm so happy to see you bought the Zevon compilation! You'll have to let me know how you like it and which tracks are your faces.

David Cross is an Atlanta boy, BTW.

chelene said...

Show Your Bones is a good one, Dale. I didn't blog about it but I really enjoyed it.

Beth said...

Um ... that should have read "faves." But I'm interested in what you face, too.

Old Lady said...

Always good to find a place to save the $$$$.

Dale said...

Everything's coming up Georgia this week Beth. Even my faces!

I love the YYYs Chelene and have heard it too but thought that I should get it in hard copy. I miss liner notes and art and things with my music. Since iTunes only lets you download at a certain bitrate too, I avoid using them sometimes.

Oh faves, I get it Beth. I knew what you meant. When I've properly absorbed I'll give you more face time on the faves.

I can't believe nobody's put in a bid for the cash yet Old Lady!

mellowlee said...

I love a great deal :) The YYYs is a CD I would love to have in hard copy too.

X. Dell said...

Why Dale, I didn't know you liked John LaCarre. I knew there was something cool about you...other than the fact that you're Canadian.

Dale said...

A deal is a deal! Bet you have some good shops in Van. for used Cds too MLee.

So I've been skating by on thin Canadian ice until now X. Dell? So glad there's something you can find cool about me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well done...now find us a place to sell our books (besides Amazonia).

Angela said...

Show Your Bones is wicked. I live by a Deja Vu and I work near a Deja Vu. I can't shake those buggers off!

Tumuli said...

I feel the same way! I have accumulated far too many books, CDs, and similar items. I feel like a hoarder, but I simply cannot live without them. There is so much literature I have yet to read...

By the way: "Show Your Bones" is great, although I never bought it (I heard it for free at a listening party). I also reviewed "Fever to Tell," which I enjoyed more, on my blog back in March.

Dale said...

There's one used bookstore in town here, I'm sure there are a ton around you Miss Tanya.

Them's good people Angela. Don't shake too hard. YYYs rock. As you know.

I'm going to look for your review later on Tumuli. I've got way too many dvds sitting here for sure. It's part laziness and then the hoarding kicks in for sure.