You Say Tomato, I Say Splat

Getting into the elevator to leave work this evening, a girl I barely know says That's a really great coat you're wearing. Thank you, says I. Yeah, you have great taste..............in outerwear.

Everyone in the elevator thought that was pretty funny. I sort of feel bad about pushing her in front of that car now.


Tanya Espanya said...


Honestly, why does anyone compliment on anything that is not naturally occurring?

Did I design this outfit myself? Did I cut my own hair? Then you're just saying I have good shopping capabilities. (unless of course I did design my own outfit, but does anyone really do that? Do fashion designers ever design for their own lumpy bodies or for the lollipop models?)

Also, I'm not sure I care for your new profile picture. What is it, some kind of flower guitar?

katie schwartz said...

that vile, wretched, cunt bitch whore!

Chancelucky said...

I take it this wasn't the lady who left the coffee mug and the peaches on the subway.

At this point in my life, I'm grateful for any unsolicited compliment regardless of its significance.

justacoolcat said...

I'm no expert on Canadian law, or any law for that matter, but I'm pretty sure you can use a "fringe jacket" defense.

There must already be a rockstar precedent.

Dale said...

Very good points Tanya. She did pause though like that and to great effect. And seeing as how you don't care for my profile photo, it's a good thing you don't run this blog isn't it?

I know Katie, I loved her too.

Chancelucky - different person altogether. And may I say in the most unsolicited manner, your blog is some damned fine reading.

Though you may be no expert, you always bring an angle I can use to the proceedings Justa. Thanks.

For further clarity's sake -- the fringe jacket photo is not the jacket I was wearing. Sometimes I may be on the fringe but I sure as hell wouldn't wear one.

chelene said...

You're funny, Dale...but that jacket is a laugh riot. Oh, the humanity. Horrible. It's just horrible!

Jen said...

nobody has ever told me that I
have great taste in outerwear

now I feel sad


that jacket is ROCKIN'!
lol you should wear one like that to work
and see what people say in the elevator...

Yasamin said...

im sorry but i cant handle that jacket it looks too much like a partridge family reject.

thats just me though. cant handle fringe my friend.

but i think you did the right thing. she was coming on to you man and we cant have that. lol she will suck the soul right out of you.

lol sorry im on a sugar high.

jin said...

Stylin' jacket Dale!
Just zoooooming by,
had to say hello.
I'm too tired to be witty
until at least 9 days from now.

Dale...teach me how to say 'NO' to people? Please? What's your secret?

Beth said...

I hope you popped back with "You should see my underwear." Okay, that's a lame retort ... but we all want to show off our panties, don't we?

Ben said...

What were you wearing Dale ? A Bat cape ?

Or was is it even more impressive ?

A Columbo mac ?

Coaster Punchman said...

Outerwear? Well, I've been told I have impeccable taste in underwear. (Sorry, I think I'm about done whoring out the celestial underwear bit.)

Oh, and I second Katie's gentle comment.

haahnster said...

I believe Beth has identified the comment into which this "complimentary" woman was trying to bait you. Had you said such a thing, she would have rushed into the Human Resources Dept and filed charges. Your preemptive act of shoving her in front of a car was quite logical and justifiable.

Enjoy your weekend.

Dale said...

Isn't is wickedly awful Chelene? I only wear it on special days like when I want to get beaten up.

I'll hook you up Jen. It's only a matter of time. You've got excellent taste in deciding where you leave comments!

You're lucky your costume is smokin' hot Yas so you can get away with a comment like that. Ah, sugar, say hi to Jin, she's the queen of sugar.

You seem to have the fundamentals in place Jin with that NO part. They're two of the most important letters in the alphabet. It's funny, my little quote used to say I'm just a guy who can't say no. Sometimes, that's still true.

Are you working on a photo essay Beth? You're a naughty little minx.

If you take off the fringe, darken the leather and have me pretentiously say, thanks, I got it when I was in Florence you're on your way to imagining it Ben. Her coat was very nice but again, not her blog.

Your style and taste are yours alone CP. If you don't believe me everyone, click that link. I'm trying to get Katie out of her shell, any ideas?

Everyone bow to the voice of reason - Haahnster. Thank you.

mellowlee said...

Why does that jacket remind me of Pierre Elliott Trudeau? *scratching head*

Dale said...

Hilarious Mel, I searched it and found this. That's a scream.

Tanya Espanya said...

Dale, I think Mel has uncovered your secret.

Dale said...

That we're both just big PETs?

X. Dell said...

Unless you're talking about edible briefs, is taste in underwear really important?

Dale said...

Depends on who you're looking at and who's looking back I think X. Dell!

mellowlee said...

omg, that's perfect Dale. I knew I had seen a picture of him in a jacket like that before *G*

Dale said...

I laughed pretty hard too!