Off The Hook

My Mom and Dad are here in my lovely province scaring the leaves from the trees and visiting their new great-grandbaby at my sister's place a few hours away.

Today they've moved on to my brother's, also a very safe couple of hours away. I spoke to him last week and suggested they might like to visit me here. He said he'd be happy to bring them to me if they wanted to.

When I put this to my mother over the phone, her tact centre failed once more: Oh.......wouldn't it just be easier for you to come to your brother's? When I explained why that wouldn't work, she said Oh............well, we'll see I guess which means I'm free; I made the offer and she declined it.

Understand that the way my Mom says Oh makes it a much longer word than if you say it, unless you crinkle your nose up as if you just smelled something really awful and drag the sound out.

I don't feel too bad as I just saw them in July and I'm at least as cranky as they are and I'm still a pup by comparison.

Time to put away Mindy's favourite new beverage and the canned milk. I wonder who will get my portion of the homemade fudge though?

I'd ask my cousins although I don't think they're quite the same as Beth's or Tom's. I can never remember which trailer is theirs anyway - the one with the broken windows or no door?

It's always something.


Anonymous said...

ME! Pick me! I need that ho-made fudge! I love fudge! I love you, ho!

Remember that time I was living in a foreign overseas land and you sent me ho-made peanut brittle?! It was the best peanut brittle I ever ate, I barely shared a shard with Robert, so busy was I scarfing and chocking on the best best peanut brittle...

Yeah, good times...

Coaster Punchman said...

It was a bold risk you took, but your brilliance paid off.

I try to keep a can of evaporated milk around for morning coffee emergencies. Which doesn't really make sense as there is a deli about 100 feet from the house. Nonetheless, why put on clothing if you don't really have to?

justacoolcat said...

Why did this post bring a movie scene to mine? The scene in Fellowship of the Rings when those pesky hobbits fall down a cliff and are collecting their stolen vegetables, Frodo looks up and the trees get all funky, the leaves start blowing, and he yells "get off the road.".

I wonder how many times you've taken cover under tree roots from your mother.

Dale said...

I remember making that tasty nut brittle and shipping it off with books and crap all the way to Espanol. And I'd do it again if only you'd move!

No, you're brilliant! Always be prepared. So you don't have to get dressed.

Oh Coolcat, very nice work. Someday I'll post about the parental travesties in more depth but not to worry, your therapist's cheque is in the mail!

X. Dell said...

So what's your home province? What brand of canned milk do you buy?

I know the answers are respectivel Ontario and Carnation. I just wanted to annoy you.

Dale said...

Just like my mother! I wouldn't normally buy canned milk at all though.