The Friday Ten

Coolcat and American Idle started a joke that got the whole world shuffling.

My random ten for today:

1. Throw - Scritti Politti -- thanks Ben
2. Tango del Vampiro - Daniel Melingo -- not sure where I picked this up from but I love it
3. Windfall - Son Volt
4. The Wet Spot - Southern Culture on the Skids -- thanks Melinda June
5. Edith and the Kingpin - Joni Mitchell -- Ben again
6. Just As I Am - Kristin Chenoweth -- saw Wicked tonight so it's interesting that the original Glinda should infiltrate the mix
7. Shasta (Carrie's Song) - Vienna Teng
8. Nightswimming - R.E.M. -- ahh
9. Monkey's Paw - Laurie Anderson -- Melinda June had Laurie at #9 last week too. Freaky. Just like Laurie.
10. What'll I Do - Kate & Anna McGarrigle -- this song gets me every time.


Ben Heller said...

Superb list Dale, you're choosing some killer cuts.

Highlight of them all (To stay in Beth's good books)is "Nightswimming". How anyone can't love that song is beyond me.

gizmorox said...

Christ, man. It's barely Friday and you've already got this up? Your diligence is making the rest of us look bad!

Dale said...

That's my best list yet I'd say Ben. Nightswimming is one of my all time faves too and I'm sure Beth will agree.

Hey Giz. I was up late as I've got company visiting so I thought I'd get a jump!

sKincarver said...

I seriously need to take you to dark & evil school, dude.

Check out this podcast from up in your neck of the woods....or maybe not. Anyway, it's a crazy mix of everything and I love it: WIRE[LESS] BRUTALITY.

Beth said...

Ben, I'm glad to see you're taking my feelings into consideration; smart man. But, damn, isn't "Nightswimming" a sublime tune -- and then we get "Find the River"? What brilliant back-to-backs.

Dale, I haven't heard "Monkey's Paw" in ages, but I'll be pulling it up today.

Since you love "What'll I Do" ... have you heard Harry Nilsson's version from A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night?

Wish I'd seen Wicked last night ...

mellowlee said...

There's some stuff on there I'm not familiar with...I will have to check it out :)

Geeti Das said...

Ooh, what's Tango del Vampiro? Sounds deliciously lurid!

Ah, Nightswimming... I was going to post a list of my own, but nothing that good came up, and the iPod played 8 songs I have but haven't listened to yet, so it felt dishonest. Maybe it's time to dig into iTunes and do some cleaning. Did you know the McGarrigle sisters and Rufus are planning to do a holiday tour together? I think they're playing in Toronto at some point. Don't know if Martha's on board too.

Melinda June said...

Better you than me.

Angela said...

Oooooh, Wicked! I am so jealous right now...

Awesome list for a Bumblebee Man.

Anonymous said...

Here's 1 thing you don't know about me: I don't have an iPod, or any similar little compressed music player. I want my music in PCM or analog.

Anonymous said...

I am gonna have to agree with Skincarver- you are like Dale Lite.... I don't drink lite beer- I don't do lite fm and I don't do Dale Lite unless he kicks it up a notch. I almost expected to see the Belle Stars on that list- Holy, fruity pebbles and wonderbras... sweetie, lets start slow..... Metal, muther fuckin Metal can you say it with me.....

Chancelucky said...

Weirdness....I thought I was one of the few people who had heard Vienna Teng.

Dale said...

Are you sure you don't need a few days out in the light once in a while Skincarver? Just so you know, there's a reason it's called random and one of these days, more of the darkness will find its way into the mix.

I can't place Nilsson's version Beth but I bet it's not as Wicked as the McGarrigle version!

Only check out the good ones Lee! :-)

No point in being too honest Geeti Das, just do it. Thanks for the tip on the tour, I'll be watching for them in case they do venture near.

It took me a second MJ but now I get your comment. I was thanking you for the band intro, not the Wet Spot, haha.

Angela! Lots of time to go, they even have a lottery for $25 seats. It's a fun show.

I admire you and your Pink Fluffy analog.

Nothing like a little death metal and cage cuddling to put me back in my place Shroom.

You may be, that's two of us Chancelucky. I have a bunch of her songs and although I'm not sure where I first heard her, I do enjoy her stuff. She has a new one out I think too.