Jeu du Jour

Mr. JustaCoolCat usually has some pretty interesting ideas on the go. Some may seem like schemes or scams but generally they're all in good harmless fun.

One of his favourite games can be found over at American Idle and is known as the Friday Random Ten.

The rules:

Fire up your music player.
List the first 10 songs that come up on random.
Post the list.

Coolcat's explanation can be found here along with the link to follow suit.

Some pretty cool playlists emerge from the dry ice. You'll see.


Bubs said...

Cool idea. Here's my list from last night:

1) Float On- Modest Mouse
2) Just Can't Get Enough- Nouvelle Vague
3) Peepin' Eyes- Charlie Feathers
4) Diddle My Skittle- Peaches
5) Money- The Flying Lizards
6) Nobody's Guy- The Recalls
7) Straight A's- The Dead Kennedys
8) Get Hot or Go Home- John Kerby
9) True Faith- New Order
10)Lucky & Wild- Josie Kreuzer

Bubs said...

Nifty idea! I posted my random top ten last night. Thanks for the heads up.

Coaster Punchman said...

Wish I could play the game, but I have been too lazy to fix my home computer which is the one that contains all my music. Will need to get to that. I have work of any kind.

But it sounds like a great game, so thank you, gentlemen.

Peter said...

Just one shuffle of the Ipod:

1)Two-Headed Boy
Neutral Milk Hotel

2)All I Want
Joni Mitchell

3)Hurricane (Live)
Dylan Live 1975-Rolling Thunder

4)The Bear
My Morning Jacket

5)My Funny Valentive
Bill Evans and Jim Hall

6)Welcome to Jamrock
Damian Marley

7)Night in Tunisia
Stan Getz

8)Something Good
Caetano Veloso


10)Birdhouse in Your Soul
They Might Be Giants

mmmm...that was satisfying. :)

Yasamin said...

this is an iPod thing isnt it?


Ben Heller said...

I like that. It's a cool resource for people who play and listen to a varied musical diet.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Ooooh, *musicgasm*. I'm on a buying/downloading spree.

Old Lady said...

I hate seeing that "0" I don't own an ipod or similar instrument. I just listen to my cd player. Ho hum.

justacoolcat said...

I doesn't need to be iPod, any old random music player will do.

Dale, we're going to have to start posting them at your site pretty soon.

Dale said...

Excellent work Bubs, a few things there I'll be looking for now.

Still excellent work Bubs.

Lazy CP, fix it. Or make it up.

No iPod no cry Yasamin. Any music device can fill in.

That's why you have the big brain Ben, you know a good thing...

Andi, slow down and enjoy multiples.

If you use iTunes or something to listen to your music on the computer Old Lady, that works too!

You're the cat with the cool JaCC. Shouldn't they stay there? Or do you mean posting iPods?

Dale said...

Ack! How did I miss you Peter? I found your comment in the unmoderated section.
That's some good listening right there and some things for me to check on too.