Friday's Random Ten

Justacoolcat started me on the game he plays every week over at American Idle. It's as easy as hitting random and beholding the results.

Feel no shame as Abba and Megadeth get it on. It just proves how groovealicious you are.

My Random Ten this week:

1. The Mule - The Magic Numbers
2. Use It - The New Pornographers
3. Breakdown - Jack Johnson
4. Sentimental Journey - Benny Goodman
5. Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band
6. Pass The Hat - Southern Culture On The Skids
7. Far End of the Night - Grant-Lee Philips
8. Nineteen - Old 97's
9. Do The Do - Howlin'Wolf w/Clapton, Winwood, Wyman, Watts
10. Trash - The New York Dolls


blog Portland said...

I've heard of very few of these bands... which means I'm going to have to spend extra time at the computer, on Bearshare downloading them, and away from my kids. I hope you're happy making me a bad parent.

justacoolcat said...

ahhh the Old 97's.

Great mix.

justacoolcat said...


"hitting random and beholding"

Sounds like a very successful gameshow.

Bubs said...

Sweet list

Dale said...

You're already a bad parent if you're depriving yourself of the good stuff Blog P. Smarten up.

Thanks CC, I always like yours too and am amazed at the eclecticism. Is that a word? You can host the show and I'll announce the prizes.

Bubs, how sweet it is.

Tumuli said...

Cool list. Especially like NP (their last album was incredible), and "Abracadabra." (I need to stop the '80s worship...)

Dale said...

Twin Cinema is an amazing album and my intro to the band Tumuli, love it. And hey, a little worship now and then is okay.