In Tandem With Random

I popped over to see what Jen was up to because she's always got some pretty funny stuff on the go. For instance, have a look at this while listening to your iTunes random. It works for me.

That's all. I'll go back to my usual practice of looking for things to steal in lieu of personal creativity.


mellowlee said...

Haha, that was really cute, thanks for the link! Her site is pretty nifty too :)

Yasamin said...

oh my god thats so groovy. lol

Jen said...

Thanks for the
plug Dale!


Dale said...

I knew you'd enjoy that one Lee.

Groovy is a good way to describe it Yas.

You're welcome Jen, I had to banish the Oprah thoughts somehow and you did it!

Mob said...

Cute choice, my linking friend.

According to my iTunes, the cat is quite fond of Waylon Jennings this fine evening.

Coaster Punchman said...

That made my morning.


Dale said...

I don't usually do cute but I couldn't help it Mob. Waylon is a good choice.

Glad you liked it CP, it was as they say, cute.