More Reviews Of Shows I Didn't Attend

Earlier in the month, I was lamenting that I would be missing Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins at Trinity St. Paul's Church here in Toronto. I was in New York seeing Grey Gardens at the time so I'm only complaining a little bit.

I lent my poor student niece my camera and so she took some nice shots not only of Jenny but then of The Killers when they were at MuchMusic and some videos of Regina Spektor. Somewhere in there, she also went to see The New Pornographers. WTF man.

Fun Fact: Jenny is short.

Funner Fact: She put on a great show.

Funnest fact: Jenny and the band did a procession down the aisle to Jenny's accapella song Run Devil Run to open the show. How perfect.

Why here's Jenny now!

Click to enlarge.

All apologies to Skincarver in advance for yet another chick rock blog post. I swear I always start out writing about Nine Inch Nails and something happens.


Angela said...

Maybe if NIN was a cute chick instead of Trent Reznor, you wouldn't forget...

"Jenny would you like some sausage? Jenny would you like some sausage?" sings Dale, playing a sausage keyboard.

X. Dell said...

Perhaps what happens is musical taste.

jin said...

OOOhhhh.....I WANT a dress like hers on the right (only a cheap knockoff)!!!

I can pull it off, I have the legs for it!

I do TOO Dale!!!

Beth said...

New Pornographers AND Jenny Lewis? So jealous ..............

Anonymous said...

mmmm trent reznor. saw him live up close and all i could think of was "wow hes a short man. that was unexpected." lol oh well...

your gonna make skinny cry.

sKincarver said...

Dale, your extreme lack of evilishness disappoints me.

Strangle a kitten and say five Hail Satan's and all is forgiven.

Dale said...

Haha, that's pretty damned funny Angela. Run Jenny Run!

And that's pretty damned funny too X. Dell.

Jin, that's not funny. You might have the legs, might, but can you sing like the J-Doll?

Isn't that something Beth? Now she's going to be going to every show in town while I'm heading for bed after dinner.

I'm a little worried about the Skincarver too Yasamin but I think he'll let me off the hook if I do penance. Trent's short too? Is that a talent prerequisite?

I'm so glad that you're bringing evilishness back Skincarver! Your wish is my command. You believe that right? Here kitty kitty.