Stedman As She Goes

OPRAH COLLAPSES blares the headline of the National Enquirer. What station of the cross is that again?


justacoolcat said...

I hear seventh is Oprah Falls the Second Time.

Ben Heller said...

Am I missing something Dale ? I'm struggling to understand the post.

My typical Englishness is creeping in here, I know hardly anything about Oprah other than she's rich, and once starred in a great movie.

And I know even less about religion.

I'm With the Band said...

You're mocking The Ophrah? Better grab some rubber, 'cause lightning is headed your way.

Bubs said...

You make fun of Oprah, Mistress of Grief and Redemption? I bet you don't read any of her book recommendations, either.

Thanks for the stations info. I have them set up in my office and I do the ritual a few times a week.

Dale said...

You're right Coolcat but I can't wait until she meets the women of Jerusalem and tries to empower them in #8.

Oprah doesn't want you to struggle Ben. I changed the wording in the post but I don't know if that makes it clearer? Sometimes I think Oprah thinks she's Jesus (she can be quite divine you know) and I'm just clumsily comparing Jesus' suffering on the way to the cross with Oprah's collapse. And since you have made me question my ability to get a point across, I think Oprah sent you.

I'm With The Band -
A) Can you get me in with the band too?
B) I'm trying to mock her a little but it's not working so well. The power of Christ compels me but Oprah's blocking it.

Some of her recommendations were my favourite books before I made her think of them Bubs so I'm cool with that. I do the stations every morning while I'm eating my Lucky Charms. Nobody gets between me and my Charms.

Coaster Punchman said...

Dale, I agree with the words of caution of several commenters. These are dangerous waters you are braving.


justacoolcat said...

I'm not a fan of this post's new kinder and clearer wording.

I guess I'll wait for you to release Post Classic or maybe try another flavour of blasphemy.

Dale said...

Thanks for the concern CP, if I start to go under, I'm definitely calling in some favours or maybe just a MTM theme as a lifeline.

I'm sorry to disappoint Coolcat. Post Classic's a good idea. If only I could remember what I said to begin with!

justacoolcat said...

That's alright, I just wanted to see if you'd say "no es bueno"

PostaCola Classic
Read,Write, and You.

Dale said...

No es bueno.