Fat and Happy

Things I'm thankful for this year.


That a local market will cook Thanksgiving dinner and let me pick it up.

That the meal consists of a whole turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, mixed vegetables, gravy, cranberry sauce and a pumpkin pie.

That's it's not like Mom used to make because it's nice to have gravy that's not crispy for a change.


jin said...


I don't eat pumpkin pie.
I have to make WAY too many.
I do, however, eat pecan pie with lots of Haagen Dazs Vanilla.

Old Lady said...

I like sweet potatoe pie, but my favorit is coconut cream pie. Have a quiet Thanksgiving?

Bubs said...

mmmmmm, sweet potato pie. Sweet potato PECAN pie is even better. I LOVE pie.

We're baking an apple upside down cake right now.

God I love the autumn, and baking, and the holidays.

chelene said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I want some turkey and box wine. :)

Dale said...

I'll see your pecan pie and eat it all Jin.

I'd go for the coconut creme too I think Old Lady but just to try it. It was nice thanks. Nice Columbus Day?

That all sounds good Bubs. Make enough for everyone please.

Thanks Chelene...I'll bring you some tetra paks next time.

lulu said...

I make sweet potato pecan pie with bourbon whipped cream. It is heavenly. Crispy gravy? I specialize in chunky gravy, which is why I am not allowed to make it. I am only allowed to make pies and mash the potatoes. Hope you had a happy holiday!

Old Lady said...

Working day for us Yanks, unless one works for the gubment.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm gravy

Gretta James said...

Mmmmmmmmmm foood.

Happy thanksgivin.


sKincarver said...

Damn. The cute little Korean lady is really gonna have a field day.

Bre said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm glad the local market cooked for you.. but for me? The work is part of the meal! :)

Berry said...

Dale, next year (or maybe at Xmas?), try the President's Choice Easy-Carve turkey with cranberry stuffing. I've been serving it every year since 2003, and have been telling everyone I know about this FABULOUS product! Comes with gravy, too.


(tee-hee... the word verification for this comment is yyyyyam. How appropriate is that?)

Beth said...

My mama makes great turkey, Dale. And the best damn pecan pie that will ever pass between your lips. Shall I ship some up in November?

Grant Miller said...

FACT - Everything tastes better with gravy.

mellowlee said...

Oh man, that sounds so good! *drool* Why do I read stuff like this when all that is in the fridge is a jar of relish and soy sauce? Haha Time to go shoppin!

Beth said...

Um ... I meant to type that my mama makes great gravy with her turkey dinners. Maybe tryptopahn affects you even when you type "turkey."

Tumuli said...

The thought alone makes me hungry. How cruel -- Thanksgiving won't arrive here for another five weeks, and even then I'll be trapped in this hell-hole called employment.

I could kill for steaming stuffing, juicy turkey, butter-slathered rolls, thick gravy, salt-and-peppered corn, creamy mashed potatoes, tart cranberry sauce, and divine sweet potato pie...mmmmmmmm....*(drools uncontrollably)*

Anomie-Atlanta said...

Dale, is this something you plan on picking up for Thanksgiving or is it just a "Thanksgiving in October" special meal?

Dale said...

Lulu, that all sounds fantastic! Where do I show up? My mom's gravy was lumpy too but she burned about anything else she tried to cook.

That's too bad Old Lady. Your Thanksgiving's coming up though.

Gravy is a miracle food Pinkfluffy Slippers.

Thanks Gretta James, turkey sandwich?

I'm hiding from her Skincarver, don't blow my cover.

Thanks Bre, as I'm a terrible cook, the work would be in eating the meal.

I'm going to have to ask around Berry, it all sounds suspicious and lazy which is right up my alley!

But how's her gravy Beth? Nothing makes me want to have something pass my lips than thinking about it passing through a postal worker's hands first!

Good gravy Grant Miller!

No big turkey day for you Lee?

Your theory must be correct Beth. I'm pretty slow moving. I'm on turkey time.

They don't give you time off for good behaviour Tumuli? You musta been a bad boy! I'm good with everything but the cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving in Canada was yesterday Anomie-Atlanta. So I'm fat and happy from already having taken advantage.

And by the way everyone, I've never had sweet potato pie so don't be alarmed if I knock on your door at your Thanksgiving.

Coaster Punchman said...

In your honor, I will post a pic of our turkey from last year. Why do we have to have separate Thanksgivings? That doesn't seem quite fair. Although if I were Canada, I'd be doing everything I could to separate myself from my downstairs neighbor, too.

mellowlee said...

Naw, no turkey day for me. That's ok though, saving it up for Christmas dinner :)

lulu said...

Dale, if you like to bake I will give you the recipe. It's WAY better than pumpkin.

X. Dell said...

Crispy? Everyone knows gravy should be wavy.

Dale said...

Very good, I'm heading over to make sure you keep your promise. You know what you downstairs neighbours are like CP!

Good enough MLee.

I like to eat baking but sadly, I'm no baker Lulu. Post it anyway though and I'll force someone to make it for me.

Wavy like gravy X. Dell? I like it!

Angela said...


Better late than never, right?

Sigh. I am a shitty blog friend.

Dale said...

Hey Lips Angela, a friend who doesn't treat me like shit is not worth knowing! Thanks be to you for even bothering to belate me.