Matchmaker Matchmaker

We have two free daily newspapers here which are a slight and perfect capsule for people who don't need in-depth analysis of just how shitty life is. I usually read one of them on the way to work but today had a look at the other I usually don't bother with.

A few days ago, a friend of mine at work had to go to court about a traffic ticket. She spent some time chatting with a man there for the same reason and they commiserated, shared strategies for talking down their charges and made fun of the other courthouse denizens.

She was able to get her case thrown out as the police officer who wrote the ticket didn't show up, there is a new Key Lime doughnut on offer at Tim Hortons after all. She waved good-bye to her court chum and sped back to work and related her story to me mentioning how nice this guy seemed.

Today, I noticed that the newspaper I don't usually bother with has a column for Missed Connections from the 'Best of Craigslist'. I read it and it was from a guy saying he wished he'd had time to give a girl he sat with in traffic court his business card but she left after her case was dismissed.

I showed this to my friend at work and we looked up the actual ad on Craigslist and she e-mailed the author to ask what day they were in court. He gave her the date, time and place along with a full and accurate description of what she was wearing and looked like.

My guess now is that I'll either be giving a toast at her wedding or testifying after he turns out to be a creep. Either way, key lime doughnuts!


See and Smell - An Audio Post

I felt it was time to push that Spirograph image down the page a little and so, without further ado, it's time once again on Passion of the Dale to suffer through another audio post with me.

Click the play button on my sidebar GCast player to give it a go! At 52 seconds or so, you probably won't be sorry.


Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'

A few days and a few degrees make a big difference! There’s nary a penguin in sight and the slight crackling sound I hear is the icebreaker trawling through my brain looking for signs of activity.

While I’m not known for my self-awareness (I usually don’t know it about me until someone tells me), it’s a trait I definitely applaud in others.

To the young lady locking up her bicycle to the rack outside my office – I salute you. It’s not just anyone who can sit proudly atop a seat as unforgiving as the one on a bike while a small handwritten sign hangs beneath the proceedings with one simple word: FATSO.

After I chuckled to myself, I wondered about why it was there because she wasn't really fat. Was this just a type of rotational motivation or was she trying to illustrate the meaning of this Walt Whitman quote to me?

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)


Do and Be Done With Me

With weather this cold, shouldn't I at least have a penguin egg to nurture?