August in December (Sunrise Sunset Edition)

I recently had an experience that almost drove the horror of having to hear Pierce Brosnan try to sing in Mamma Mia from my mind. I got to hear someone who sounds like Donald Duck sing for nearly three solid hours. Yay me!

Fiddler on the Roof is in town and when it was first announced, the brilliant Topol was set to reprise his signature role. I snapped up tickets and then was saddened when he had to bow out due to an injury. His replacement was the acclaimed Harvey Fierstein. As someone blessed with the gift of hearing, I'm here to tell you Harvey cannot and should not sing. Check this link out at the 1:50 mark and then get back to me. He's the one in the red dress.

It'd be hard to find fault with 'Fiddler' even it had been put on by Miss Thistletwat's third grade remedial class and this production had some truly lovely moments and great performances but please mister please - when it's a musical, hire a fecking singer and put a stop to the persecution!

A much more enthralling theatre experience I had recently was seeing the play August: Osage County - terrible name, brilliant play. The touring production features the exceptional Estelle Parsons chewing up and spitting out more scenery than anyone in my memory.

Everything about this show is on point from the crackling dialogue, the story and the fantastic cast. If I was ever to implore you and I do shy away from that sort of thing, it would be to go see this when it lands near you. I'll do a little of the work for you: check the tour schedule here: Have a look.

When I was headed to the theatre to see it (for the third time since they had cheap tickets available), I spied with my all seeing eye (the other one's only so-so for that sort of thing) Estelle walking up the street. I'm sure I scared her with my enthusiastic shouting that I loved her performance and the play. She thanked me and when I said I was back to see it a third time, she said WOW and hurried away with only a hint of fear trailing her.

In other news, it's the holidays! What are you doing here?! Ciao babies.