I Wonder What Tom Waits' Christmas Cards Look Like?

So this is blogging, and what have you done?  Well, what I've done is made a pact with Beth that we'd both post something by January 15, 2011.  Here goes nothing, or at least, very little!

The sadness I feel over my annual Christmas card judgery coming to an end is tempered with the satisfaction of having added a couple of new categories this time around.

Being a fan of traditions I approve of, it's nice to see my brother continuing to stand at the top of the Cheapest Card category, something the cards he sends have trouble doing.  The paper stock they're on has a sturdiness that allows the card to bow to you as you help it to its feet but sadly, not to stand back up.  Sealing his win is the Costanza-grade glue that makes the near translucent envelope it comes in virtually impenetrable.  Well done brother!

One of the newly inaugurated categories is Smallest Card, created in honour of one of my sisters.  The  card she sent, while lovely, is small enough to qualify as a gift tag.  I have the feeling someone at her house this year got a present with a very large 'tag' on it!

In previous years, I discounted the worth of photo cards.  While they tend to stand up better than my brother's, most people's kids just aren't as cute as their parents think they are.  My opinion was swayed however after receiving cards from my niece and nephew.

My niece's daughter beams in her close up head shot, eyes wide and sparkling and tongue casually lolling at the side of her mouth - now that's a photo card!  My nephew's son beams adorably from each of the many shots making up a montage of the places he's visited and lived this past year.  It's simply too close to call Best Photo Card although they should be happy they're even in a category, right?  There might have been a tiebreaker if only a third photo card from a friend hadn't ended up in the Latest Received category (I got it today!).  Since it's already a winner and a loser, it's out of the running.

As for me, I'm glad my own cards were sent fairly early this year because my fingers are practically numb from playing so much Flight Control.  If this keeps up, next year I'll be designing my own foot and mouth painted cards.  Watch your mail!

Until then, Happy New Year!