Drinks Are On Me!!

If you ever need someone to take one for the team, invite me to dinner.

After thoroughly enjoying the excellent musical play Ride The Cyclone at Theatre Passe Muraille and heady with remembering it is possible to be completely entertained for under 20 bucks, we headed for Buca to have drinks and dinner.  The restaurant had a bricked and warehouse-y feel but managed to be warm and inviting.

Wine, cocktails and appetizers were decided on after some discussion and I settled back with a delicious vodka based drink finished off with elements of pepper and pear.  After a preliminary taste, I set it down rather than guzzling it the way I wanted to.

The server came back to fuss with things ahead of the food arriving and got things off to an exciting start by knocking my drink from the table all over my right side (I've found there is no wrong side when these things happen).  Apologies and enough napkins to start a quilt didn't help much with drying off my black pants but did help with the appearance I was quite skilled in the lint harvesting arts.

While the splash down my leg left the impression of a not particularly well executed hate crime, I was determined to grin and bear it - I'm sufficiently annoying when things are going quite well.  Thankfully, the food was fantastic and pulled focus from my tragicomic predicament and the evening ended on good notes several hours later.

This is not the first time I've had to wet-crotch my way through a dinner service.  Once on a long flight, my light grey pants enjoyed a full glass of white wine just ahead of the "chicken or fish?".  While my undercarriage seemed no worse for wear after 6 hours of dampness, my pants definitely were.  On another occasion just before attending the opera for a grand evening, another full glass found its way into my lap at dinner.  It's not over until the fat lady pours out her heart and possibly a drink onto you.

If someone is bound to end up wet not-by-choice, it'll be me, you're safe.  So please, take me to dinner - you're assured to look as fresh and happy as when your evening began while I'll be left with more practice than I need at perfecting the fine art of Canadian restraint.