Prime Directive

I've got something (of little consequence) to say!

It may be time to rethink my relationship with ballyhooed behemoth Amazon.  I say this already having digested Season 2 of The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel (brilliant, again!).  Thanks Amazon Prime!

With Amazon Prime comes the alluring offer of free shipping.  Christmas is fast approaching and so I've ordered a number of things online and some are even for others!  I had a look at my account to chart what's arrived and what's yet to come and noticed some interesting notes about delivery.

The most recent parcel to arrive had the date of delivery and a photo showing the package propped up against my front door!  There was a link asking for feedback about how I felt about the photo.  Well Amazon, it completely creeped me out but then, it does actually prove delivery occurred.  Hmm.

Below that was another 'delivered' notification for something that was left between my screen and main doors which is where things usually end up.  The message from Amazon said "handed to resident".  I am certain I was not standing between the doors when it arrived and nothing was handed to me.

The previous item proclaimed it was "left in mailroom".  I may be wrong (I'm never wrong) but I don't recall having a mailroom at home unless you count the dining room table where I put stamps on my Christmas cards.

I'd like to write to the good and beleaguered folks at Amazon to complain but I'm worried they'd try to make amends by sending me a free Alexa which I'd promptly fall in love with.  At some point it would likely mishear me on some matter of national inconsequence and I'd end up in jail.  It could happen.  So many emotions at the holidays!

Happy Christmas! (I wish war was over.)