I Don't Know How To Love Him / Her

I'm not a religious man but when jesus (with a small 'j') gets in touch, you know the end of something is nigh.

Small 'j' left a comment on a blog post I did some time ago about a trip to Las Vegas I took. It included pictures of two men dressed like Elvis.

jesus said he recently came across my blog and had been reading along. He didn't know what to say except that he enjoyed reading and would keep visiting very often. Then he signed his name Margaret with a link to a site about World of Warcraft.

While Margaret may be an all-knowing God, I'm not convinced she's an all-reading God, I'm not even on her Blogs I Follow list for Christ's sake! It could be that she reads in mysterious ways or is simply reserving full judgment for another day.

Although I went to catechism or Sunday School until I was in Grade 10, my memory of how this all works is a bit shaky. I think I just need to deny Jesus access to my blog twice more and I get a bag of gold covered chocolate coins.