Privy Council

The jury in my brain continues to deliberate on whether I fully 'like' Facebook or not but thanks to someone I don't know prompting a more critical look at my privacy settings, my fear of people I barely remember from high school tracking me down has abated.

A while ago, I received a message from a woman asking if I was the same Passion of the Dale who'd dated her sister in the 1970s.  She gave me her sister's name to jog my memory.  Being a courteous fellow, I replied to let her know she had the wrong man.  She sent back an explanation saying she'd noticed Family Feud (one of several games in my arsenal of time wasters) in my profile and the guy who dated her sister had been a cameraman on the television show.  I found that interesting but now wish I'd asked what her motivation was in tracking this character down, it might have yielded a better story.

When Google was first becoming a part of our lives, I remember doing a search on my own name.  Among others sharing my moniker sat an upholsterer and someone who stood in the forefront of the 3D field.  My interest in upholstery apart from being glad it's around is minimal although the world of 3D interested me at least to the point of doing a school paper on it long ago.

Also long ago is the memory of a friend asking me after we saw Jaws 3D together "wouldn't it be great if everything in life was in 3D?"  We're no longer in contact although if I wanted to be, it's good to know that Facebook could probably help me track him down or failing that, I could contract the job out to Coaster Punchman, cyberstalker extraordinaire.


I'm No Dummy

I'm still laughing over this video I saw yesterday for the first time.

I've never found ventriloquists to be particularly entertaining but with this guy, I can't help but think I've been changed for the better.

In other fast breaking non-news, my new favourite word is interstitial.