Master of Fine Catalogue Arts

Anyone who has ever ordered something from an organization that produces a catalogue most likely shares my affliction, that being a surfeit of other catalogues arriving through the mail with alarming regularity.  

After buying Christmas cards through The Metropolitan Museum of Art store site a few years ago, I began receiving their catalogue.  Some time after that, catalogues from other groups began gracing my doorstep with their presents presence.

My exhaustive page flipping research shows Hammacher Schlemmer has the market cornered on gadgets while National Geographic is a great place for interesting gift ideas but no other catalogue provides the Huh? factor for me more than Winter Silks does.

This fine company sells clothing for men and women made entirely of silk and they're serious about it!  They offer a Silk Quarterly newsletter and even give you the opportunity to send in your own Silk Story, most of which I imagine begin with I never thought this would happen to me but...

My recycling bin often gets fed without me ever opening the publication (after careful removal of my address information lest anyone think I've ordered silk long johns) but once in a while I'll page through just to make sure everyone inside is still unnaturally happy in their silks.

A few issues ago, I happened upon an offering that made me laugh so hard it prompted me to finally figure out how the scanning function works on my printer.

Please note the type above the left shoulder of this Silk georgette flyaway tunic and Happy Ordering men and women!