The Blind Leading The Stupid

A few afternoons ago during my lunch break, I was outside in the seating area near my office among a fair number of other people.  A blind man who works in my building was standing a few feet away from me  having a smoke.  He has a cane that he uses but doesn't wear the cool shades so many of those hipster blind guys do.  One look at his eyes and it's pretty plain to see he's differently abled.

A touristy looking couple approached and of all the people to ask directions from, they went up to him.  "Excuse me but can you tell us where the nearest McDonald's is?"  He said "See that door over there?"  He pointed accurately and directly to the door a few feet away.  "Go through there, down the escalator and into the food court and the McDonald's is on your left at the end".  "Thank you".  The couple walked directly past the door he'd just pointed out and continued up the street toward the next building which has no entrances on that side looking more lost than before.

When a blind man gives sighted people directions they can't follow, I have faith that I will continue to laugh at the human race until I can no longer see straight.