Better Living Through Chemistry

Each time I stir sugar into my coffee*, the words suspended particulate sound in my brain. All thanks go to my Grade 10 chemistry teacher who clearly had an impact.

He also gave me the questions to several Jeopardy answers featuring the Periodic Table of Elements. I believe Merv Griffin created both the show and the Table.

*In this example, sugar = sugar and coffee = coffee


Sneer and Spell

Ever since being called pretty competent by my boss, I've strived to be as much as I can be without straining anything.

Today while participating in some work sponsored reprogramming training, we were herded into groups of three to play reindeer games and asked to flip chart our responses.
Our first task was to each write a word on the chart expressing how we felt about some looming changes to our work methods.

I wrote the word anxious and handed the marker to one of my compatriots. He started to write something and stopped. I want to write apprehensive but I don't know how to spell it he said. It's with two pees I told him. He stammered, but I don't know what comes after that and so I spelled the rest of it for him.

I was sure this would be the saddest thing that happened to me all day until the other gentle mental giant took marker in hand and meekly asked Do you know how to spell cautious?