Who Wears The PantSuit?

Recently my younger sister came to town to celebrate the outsourcing of her job after 18 years and to take in a few shows. We were lucky enough to get good seats for Carol Burnett's show at Massey Hall and even luckier to attend with a lovely lady in daringly sexy shoes. Here's a good interview with Carol in three parts done the night before the show.

As my sister decided that she still wants to be a working girl (not that kind!) and needed some new blazers, skirts and pants for job interviews, I agreed to go shopping with her somehow forgetting we both abhor the act.

We plundered through several stores with little result but were at least rewarded with a good laugh. In one fine establishment crawling with seasoned shoppers, my sister stood by nearly defeated as I took charge throwing various garments over my arm for her perusal.

After I was sufficiently loaded down, a shop girl (I hope this is an offensive term?) approached and asked me "Would you like me to start a dressing room for you?" Should I take it as a compliment that someone possibly thought at 6 feet tall and still with my winter weight on that I could fit into a women's size 4? We rode a wave of laughter into another store and finally found what she was looking for.

This weekend's plans include less daring pursuits. I think I'll watch the rain feed the garden and my cats catch up on their sleep. Did I forget to mention that I adopted a cat friend for Rizzo? Oops. His name is Nigel and they're getting along famously. Thank you for the excellent cat wrangling advice Coaster Punchman!

I'm fully aware that one more cat in the mix thrusts me into crazy cat lady territory but just think how stylish I'll be as they cart me away in that new pantsuit!


Have You Never Been Fallow?

My adventures as a citizen of the world have been continuing as usual but I've been far too busy not writing them down to write them down.

Why just the other day, I received a compliment of the highest order and from a management type no less!

The exchange went something like this:

MT: How are things going?
Me: Pretty good.

MT: Everything’s alright with the job?
Me: Yep.

MT: You’re happy with all the changes to the job?
Me: Yes, I’m reasonably content.

MT: That’s good. You know, you don’t seem to complain much or have a lot of questions about how to do your job. You seem pretty competent.

Me: Is that going to be a problem?


If you were exposed to some of my colleagues, you’d understand immediately that the word competent is high praise indeed. Who knows what heights I'll hit now that I have that under my belt?