Freakz n the Hood

I haven't done an audio blog post in a while and on checking, while GCast still hosts already recorded posts, they no longer allow new recordings. Gee GCast, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you at the end.

After researching for several minutes, I decided to give PodOmatic a try and while the process seemed easy, figuring out how to post to Facebook or my blog's sidebar is still a bit of a mystery.

This link should help you follow the sound of my voice:  Freakz n the Hood

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Podomatic for the people baby!


Dale Shrugged

Exploring a new neighbourhood satisfies me that there's poetry everywhere.

There's a store around the corner called Knitter's Attic, open 7 days a week no less!  Despite the name, it is of course, a single storey dwelling.  One of their window displays does show they're progressive enough to have solved the noisy child problem quite well and possibly permanently.

Although I haven't thought much about him lately, I'm glad to know someone in the area is providing updates on Atlas' doings in the back window of their van.

Seeing this assured my journey around the building to see if there were more clues about Atlas.  The storefront sign was obscured by too many trees to take a decent photograph but I can honestly report that the signpost up ahead reads:  Atlas Pood Drapery.  Talk about a fibre-filled colon blowing statement!

Welcome to the jungle people.


Some Guy Turns Out To Not Just Be Some Guy!

There was a time when my world fairly revolved around blogging. There was a great camaraderie in writing and visiting with everyone to start, end or middle the day with.  Then the great recession of blogging hit and I wondered if I'd ever find my way back.

Having recently made the plunge into the terrifying world of Facebook, those halycon blogging days came rushing back when I started bumping into walls and great people I hadn't seen in a while.  When I saw that over at Some Guy's Blog, Chris had been busy putting on a world class retrospective of the folks on his blogroll, it warmed my cockles.

Well, you can't just plunk down a whole bunch of words that make sense like that without inspiring a bit of return to sender love can you?

I first recall Chris springing into my consciousness around the time of the Little Miss Sunshine Online Pageant which made us all laugh, cringe and laugh some more.  His excellent school days photo instantly made me jealous,  I hate cute kids!
Thereafter, I was wowed by his wry and self deprecating humour and realized his blog was a bit like a playground you never want to leave.  He had scheme hatching proposals, commentary on a variety of topics, videos, and his love of a good laugh all on display.

Any time I wonder if a documentary is worthwhile,  I can have a look around his place and chances are, he's seen it and reviewed it.  Chris' blog is a great example of how funny, irreverent, creative some guys can be and occasionally, there are posts involving farts!

Need I say more?  Only a little.  Some Guy?  You should really think about renaming your blog Quite A Guy!  From me and all your pals at HeeHaw - Sah-lute!


Twist and Shout

Since moving house, I've adjusted to most of the morning sounds that compete for my wandering attention as I sit in the backyard.

Birds chirp on their way past while squirrels rustle through walnut trees. Traffic hum and a tucked away air conditioning unit barely register. It's quiet here with me.

As quickly as peace sets in, war breaks out. Rat-a-tat-tat shrieking bursts from the windows next door as an Indian lady ensures the future hearing loss of her children and husband.

My only release is in the sound of the cap as it twists from a bottle of beer. By the four arms of Vishnu, it must be noon somewhere.