Accidents Will Happen

I just heard that Elvis Costello and Diana Krall are going to have a baby.

Although I love them both, I feel sorry for the little feck already.

If it's a boy, I'm guessing it'll look something like Shane McGowan and if it's a girl, Jerri Blank.


chelene said...

You are kind. That's far and away one of the better photos of Shane.

Dale said...

I was horrified by some of the Shane shots Chelene. I am not an animal but still, not that nice either.

Reese said...

Oh my god, is this true. isn't elvis costello, like 60 years old. jesus christ. diana krall could have done better than that grouchy bastard. yech.

Dale said...

Yep, fraid so!

mellowlee said...

*shudder* Ya Dale, you could have picked a photo with full frontal teeth ug! That's one nasty looking feller. I do love the Pogues tho.

I have to agree with you 100% when you say you feel sorry for the poor lil baby. I hope he/she at least inherits their musical talent! :)

Mob said...

The camera is not your friend, Mr. McGowan...Lord, the man looks old, I don't suppose I've seen a recent pic of him in quite some time.

Dale said...

The Pogues burned pretty brightly for a while there but sadly, not the teeth whitening or restroring kind of brightly.

Out of uncharacteristic kindness, I chose demure cool disco scarf Shane just to give the baby a chance. I'll have to post about seeing them once I remember when that was. We were all pretty wasted.

Beth said...

DALE: Did you choose not to run my defense of Mr. Costello ... or did the comment not come through?

Dale said...

No comment came through Beth. I lurve Elvis and you're going to see him soon aren't you? I will let you mount your own defense though if you wish to resubmit.

Saviour Onassis said...


Beth said...

YEAH! I thought you were running a democratic blog. And, yes, I will see Mr. Costello next month ... and just saw him in April.

What I said:

Elvis Costello is 52 years old. Still a young, vibrant man, stillsexy as all get-out. (I was third row center in April, so I was able to see him up close for two hours. Just goddamn, is that man full of personality and intelligence and talent -- and, thus, sexy as hell). Ms. Krall is lucky to be carrying their child.

Interesting that you chose Mr. McGowan ... since Mr. Costello's last wife was Shane's former bandmate Cait O'Riordan.

Thank you. Anyone else want the soapbox?

Dale said...

He must be one of those sexy ugly guys? I thought of Shane because of Cait of course. Oh, and becaue he's ugly too, haha.

I thought of Mr. Ed as a candidate too because Diana either looks great or like a horse depending on the lighting. Rare to see a horse in strappy sandals but I can attest.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Holy shesus. Conan O'Brien will have a field day with this.

Beth said...

[I knew you were well aware of the Shane/Cait/Elvis connection, you music genius, but I wanted to share that with the rest of the kids.]

Dale said...

Go Conan!

Go Beth!

Go Saviour!

Go ugly kids!


n.v. said...

Only Amy Sedaris could make Jerri Blank such a horrible yet adorable creature.

anne altman said...

hey, jerri blank is hot!

at least that's what i need to tell myself when people say 'you remind me of jerri blank'

fuck off.



Dale said...

Anybody who doesn't like Jerri Blank is a commie. Or they look like her.

Anne - keep combing that hair and you'll be fine.

NV-did you see Amy's latest latest Letterman appearance? You can find them on YouTube.com which I learned from Bella Rosa (see link list).

The complete Strangers With Candy series has been re-released in a little vinyl binder. Appropriate.