Of Poo and Poe

Speaking of Poe, I was just checking to see the most recent ways people end up on my blog and this one was top of the list: "come here pretty please" and it was interesting to see that this is from the song Haunted by Poe but refers to a different post I mentioned it in. Perhaps only interesting to me.

And more searchin' fun:

voluntard to go with celebretard from last time I guess?

+dale roe, +shut up your face What?

nice sideburns Why thank you!

dominatrix straddle position Yes please.

how do we spell poo for shit Silly Brits and their shits.


Creepy said...

I guess you've left behind the old fashioned mustache ride for dominatrix sideburn rides. Always the innovator Dale...

X. Dell said...

Funny. The search terms leading to my site aren't nearly as interesting.

Dale said...

If you can't always lead, at least grow the burns, that what I never say Creepy.

And you're probably glad of that X. Dell. Although I'm sure you get some strange traffic over there.