I'm Not No Limburger

1979. The year the B-52's got my number and it was 6060-842.

I hadn't heard their big yellow album in ages but listening to it now at top volume, it's either signalling the beginning of summer or slight hearing loss.

This still sounds so damned great!


Beth said...

Omigod! More points for Dale on the Bethboard. Why won't you dance wtih me / I'm not no limburger is one of my five all-time favorite lyrics!!!! Now I have to sign off and dance this mess around, 'round.

BTW, met them. Several times. Georgia's cool.

Dale said...

Can we help it if we have the best musical taste ever ever? Georgia is very cool. Who's Georgia?

Saviour Onassis said...

There you go, man! Summer is here and it's a big yellow freak show! Glad to hear you are rocking out.
Red snappers snappin'
Clam shells clappin'
Mussels flexin'
Flippers flippin'
Down, down...


Dale said...

My body's burnin' like a lava from a Mauna Loa
My heart's crackin' like a Krakatoa
Krakatoa, east of Java, molten bodies, fiery lava

All these tunes are so crazy good.

Creepy said...

Excellent, excellent album. Those songs still kick such ass!

Dale said...

They do indeed kick major ass Creepy. Glad you're on board.

Holly said...

Must confess that in 1979 I was way too, uh, 15 to listen to anything as boppy and happy and weird as the B-52s--too busy listening to Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and being morose. (You were obviously too cool too young, Dale.) But I have since discovered their absolute brilliance and have spent the weekend listening to their greatest hits.

Dale said...

Oh I liked the Zep and the Floyd Holly and my middle name sometimes still changes to morose. But...a band with a toy piano in the credits? Come on.

Good for you on the greatest hits but you still need this whole cd. Just sayin'.

anne altman said...

i do believe the b52s were my first ever concert and they opened up for the ramones. or was it the other way around. either way, it was an odd pairing that worked

the year was 83?

Dale said...

What a great first show. 83 sounds right. You're a lucky man Anne.