It's Not Me, It's You

Because I lead a life filled with danger and intrigue, I have reviewed some of the words that lead people to me and my words. I like to think that there’s a level of anonymity to my blogging but I guess you found me. At least if you're looking on Google for:

Passion and embarrassment
Debra Wilson titties
Dale hooker, chile
Somalians in Rome

Should I rename my blog?
Stupid cocksucker – Although only ranked currently at about the 6th link in the search world, I am still very busy so please, take a number .

Searches where I’m #1 in the world?
Vicky Harrison stuck in mud. Who?
Why did Dale just throw a shoe at my head It wasn’t me. Honest.

My current favourite:
Black American fullfigure formal wear. You have to run the words full and figure together, they've spent enough time apart.
So, if it’s large and in charge prom shit you’re looking for, I’m the man. I’ll fit some bling around your thing and cover up that junk in the trunk.

I need to go rethink my life.


Holly said...

Why did Dale just throw a shoe at my head

Of course I believe you didn't just throw a shoe at someone, but I'd kind of like to know why the other Dale did--perhaps it was because he couldn't believe he was stuck hanging out with someone so stupid they think they can google just anything and find an answer. I mean, I could type in, "Why was my ex-boyfriend SB such a monumental asshole," but I doubt I'd get real clarification.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Hmm, what can I say to all that? I suppose it's better than someone finding your blog by searching "men in panties." For men in panties, come to my blog.

Beth said...

No wonder I love your blog.

I'm a blog novice ... so could you tell me how you get that data? you can e-mail me @ cup_coffey@yahoo.com.

Saviour Onassis said...

It's true that your ex-boyfriend SB was a monumental asshole. Who knows why? Maybe you can get Dale to throw a shoe at his head...

I admire your bravery. I am too terrified of the search words that bring people to my blog. I can't even imagine. But if I need formal wear, you're the man!

Beth said...

Hey, Dale ... where's that mix tape you promised me in Gran Millerland?

Creepy said...

'Passion and embarrassment' -- that could be the title of my biography!

And keep at it, someday you'll be at #1 under "stupid cocksucker."

Reese said...

I think Holly gets the best google searches. "sorry I date raped you card" is still my favourite.

AL said...

at least you didn't show up on the "midget beastiality" search.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

It's good that you are able to cover so many bases with your site.

Clearly you are the person to come to for anything remotely abstract

Dale said...

It was one of the fussy black prom kids I threw the shoe at Holly. After a lot of alterations, I found out he might not graduate. He didn't know and for the rest of his life will google search the answers to life and where the other shoe is.

Andi, you've really got to watch that guest list.

I'm using Site Meter Beth and you done been emailed.

Thanks for the additional insight on Holly's issue and never fear, random freaks will find us all always.

Thanks so much for those kind life coaching words Creepy. I'll keep you posted on my advancement.

Reese, that was disturbing. I can only dream of searches so fun and potentially litigious.

Al, I feel dirty just reading that. Welcome back from the boat.

Covering asses and bases here as best I can Ultra T.