Giving Til It Hurts

I was online looking at flight options for a visit to see the family in July.

From Saturday to the following Saturday looked to be a good proposition and would give me plenty of time to tire of everyone.

I checked fares and carriers (sounds very disease-y doesn't it?) and made my decision. From July 1 - July 8, 2006.

Click here, click there, and so on and on.

Review Your Choices, click click click. There's a lot of duplication and confirming required for such a straightforward transaction. Clickety click, barba trick and then I'm done.

I go to email la familigia about my royal visit. While I'm cutting and pasting flight times from the confirmation email, my heart quickens as I notice that somehow I've booked myself going and coming on the same day. But I reviewed everything 5 times didn't I?

Is a 4 hour turnaround long enough to visit my rather cumbersome family? Yes, frankly it is.

But, being generous of nature and to a fault, I realize, it simply wouldn't be enough time for them to spend with me.

Selflessly, I logged back in, changed the flight, confirmed everything 5 times and it looks like I now will be spending nearly 7.5 hours with them.


Robert said...

More than generous!

AL said...

i could say everything i wanted to say to my entire family 17 times in 7.5 hours...

n.v. said...

Are you divorced or something?

Dale said...

Everything I do, I do for others Robert.

Al, I will say the same thing over and over but nobody will hear me because they'll be dazzled by my smile.

Good question Dena although I'm not sure how that works with this post. I'm not just something, I'm something else. And I own the company.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

In the space of 7.5 hours my parents will have lectured me 8 times, my brother-in-law will have hallucinated 4 imaginary maladies, my sister's mother-in-law will have pestered him 6 times, my sister's father-in-law will have told her not to do that 19 times, 3 cats will have yowled, my sister and I will have fought over whether or not I get to wear a gel bra to the wedding to turn me into a d cup (unfortunately I'm just a C), and we will all have descended into yelling madness from which we will emerge tear-stained vowing to love one another forever.

Then we eat a lot of curry.

Aaah, desi love. How dramatic it is.

Dale said...

Very funny Monkey McWC, I love hallucinations and curry!