Sunshine On My Clothing Makes Me...

Reading about the clothing dilemmas of one Gizmorox made me think about my own situation. This was a nice break for me as I'm usually busy performing humanitarian acts like thinking up ways to help more babies get bought by or born to the Jolie Pitts. Not only does the child benefit, possibly a country or a whole continent can see an upswing in business and for sure, the local tattoo artists get a bit busier.

Back to me. Current issue. I'm a little bit colour blind. I pick my clothes out for work the night before and every light in the house has to be on while I'm doing this so I can reasonably ensure that item A matches item B.

In the morning, I tend not to have enough time for options. If I have time to eat cereal or read the newspaper, then I have time to think of excuses to not go to work. And if I think of a reason to not go to work, I might as well take a week off. From there, who knows? So, my clothing is picked out and there's little time for any disruption of my routine.

If there's going to be an issue, it's usually by the tell no lies light of the sun that I'll find out I'm still not properly matched.

But sometimes it's not until later when I see others pointing and laughing.

Why aren't there adult Garanimals tags?


Beth said...

You know, my best friend Garanimal'ed her husband's closet so that he wouldn't be mocked. It's been pretty effective so far.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

"and for sure, the local tattoo artists get a bit busier."

As a government employee, right now I'm sporting that "beat down" look. I'm hoping to one day become the 90s/2000s version of middle-aged women who still wear their favourite shoulder-padded blazers from the 80s with the scribble design.

Dale said...

Maybe I'll ask someone to come in and tag everything for me Beth.

Monkey McWC - I think if you dream big like that, it can happen! Attitude is almost everything!

Grant Miller said...

Garanimals are the new black.

Dale said...

And from reading of your weekend travails, you know a thing or two about colour matching Grant.