How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

Not with the BeeGees I'm pretty sure.

Setup: Nerdy Dale likes to make 'mix tapes' for his friends.

The Comedy: As nobody has my all encompassing taste (or ego) I look at it as a public service of sorts. Giving til it hurts. Everybody.

The Middle Part: A friend of mine asked me for some peppy music. What she really meant was music she wouldn't have to think about or get too closely involved with. I generally get so heavily involved with my music that there's always that uncomfortable point where the music has to tell me, it's not me it's you!

The Tragedy: Realizing that everything is about love, sex and death, what do you put on a disc meant for someone who's recently buried her husband at an obscenely young age? I'd be looking for any distraction I could find too. So many stages to get through and so little time.

The End: I did manage to find some fairly innocuous choices after wandering through a few times. I think she'll like it.


Reese said...

I bet you make awesome mixed tapes, Dale.

chelene said...

I have to agree with reese, I'm interested to hear what a dale mix sounds like.

justacoolcat said...

That is a tall order.

Perhaps songs from Jellyfish: Spilt Milk.

What did you decide on?

AL said...

hey.... i organize a little mixed tape society here in my neck of the woods...

we should swap some tunes.

i like pantera, barry manilow, warrant, shaun cassidy, leif garrett, and of course, liza minelli. you know...the classics...

Dale said...

Well, I managed to put some upbeat and not at all mournful songs onto a disc of many mp3s so she could zap them onto her iPod. I gave her the disc and she was very appreciative.

Tonight, I had an oh fuck! moment when I realized one of the songs I put on there was Mornings Eleven by The Magic Numbers. I think everyone should like this song whether they do or not.

The bad part is that during some of the tempo changes in the song, the repeating line is I WOULD DIE FOR YOU. That ain't good.

After the oh fuck!, I laughed and laughed and convulsed.

Fuck it.

Al - I never dreamed I'd find another Fanilow so close by!

JCC - A little all over the place - Nelly Furtado, White Stripes, Esthero, Cornershop, Prince, Ok Go and a bunch of other peppy poppy love. And oh shit, a song by The Killers.

Chelene & Reese - Thank you for not being Al. Maybe I'll make you one some time.

AL said...

the last mixed tape i made went as follows: i'm gonna kill dale for thanking others for not being me...by AL and the Chainsaws

i put it on there 14 times.

BTW...what's your address dale???

Dale said...

You know how you're in the neck of the woods Al? Well, I'm more in the armpit. But at least it's warm.

n.v. said...

I hope you aren't actually knocking the Bee Gees, Dale. They are my favourite artists of all time. Right up there with Prince and Handel.

Dale said...

Nope, they're fine, well the ones that are Stayin' Alive are anyway.

Beth said...

I can't help but admire a man who mix-tapes. I do the same. Fantasy job: doing movie soundtracks ... and every one would include at least one R.E.M. tune.

Dale said...

Hey, that's one of my dream jobs Beth. I think I'd go by Daley Elfman. There's definitely an REM song for just about all of life's moments so it'd be easy.