Separated At Birth

Bre had an interesting link on her site about numerology, runes and birth mates. Turns out she's cosmically linked up with every famous evil doer this side of the solar system. And she always seemed like such a nice girl.

Some of my birth mates turned out to be real thinkers, stinkers and tyrants too (hi Rosie!):

Britney Spears, Calista Flockhart, Cary Grant, Charles de Gaulle, Dwight Eisenhower, Eddie Murphy, Eliza Dushku, Friedrich Nietzsche, James Brown, Jane Seymour, John Lennon, Justin Timberlake, Kim Jong Il, Lewis Caroll, Ray Bradbury, Rosie O'Donnell, Thomas Edison, V. I. Lenin

Try it here. It takes about 2 seconds.


Robert said...

Good grief: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. About the hair: It's just something I'm trying.

Dale said...

I've joined a mostly all trash revue there haven't I? If it wasn't for my different coloured eyes (thanks Jane S.), there'd be nothing to distinguish me.

Beth said...

Hey, Dale! Thanks for hitting my blog; glad you enjoyed some of the posts. My birth mates:

Andy Warhol, Ashton Kutcher, Chow Yun Fat, Freddie Prinze Jr., Hugh Grant, Jerry Seinfeld, Jesse James, Jim Henson, John F. Kennedy, Julia Roberts, Leon Trotsky, Mel Brooks, Natalie Portman, Peter Sellers, Rose McGowan, Saddam Hussein, Wyatt Earp

Now I'm off to peruse the rest of your blog ...

BTW, I love, love, LOVE Toronto! I guess you saw R.E.M. when they kicked off "Reveal," right? I listened to that broadcast over and over and over (played live on our local station).

Dale said...

Hi Beth -- glad it's not just me that's ended up with some creepy birth mates. Ah, Reveal, yes! It was a great show. I'm trying to clear the morning fog to figure out if I saw them 2 other times or 3. I was cheating on them with other bands at the time.

Reese said...

Hey, Daley, thanks for letting us know this would only take 2 seconds.

my birthmates are: Kate Moss, Marlon Brando, Soren Kiekegaard - and a bunch of other people who I've never heard of.

I heart internet quizzes!

Saviour Onassis said...

Speaking of creepy birthmates: Alan Moore, Colin Powell, Duke of Wellington, Edgar Allan Poe, George Armstrong Custer, Harry Houdini, Jay Leno, John Glenn, Kelsey Grammer, Kirk Douglas, Leonard Cohen, Michael Jordan, Neal Stephenson, W. C. Fields....Those are the guys.

I suppose I should be thankful that I am not a girl, cuz lOOk:

Charisma Carpenter, Denise Richards, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton.

This is very disturbing.

Beth said...

I was proud of Jim Henson and Mel Brooks ... but Saddam and Ashton? Low blow in the a.m.

You bad, disloyal boy; cheating on R.E.M. I think I have the MP3s from that Toronto appearance.

I have to brag: I've seen R.E.M. about 20 times (and that's not counting walk-ons at other shows). It's easy when you live in GA.

Beth said...

Different colored eyes? That's so cool, so ... Bowie.

Creepy said...

Under 'words that embody your presence', slut appears twice. LOL There goes my self-esteem...

A. Estella Sassypants said...

My birth mates (I can deal with this): Alec Guinness, Charles Manson, Chuck Yeager, Joel Grey, Meyer Lansky, Peter Gabriel, Salvador Dali, Umberto Eco, William T. Sherman

And I found this very interesting....Words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "Chocolate, Genetics, Groove, Harbinger, Merchant, Panther, Portal, Quest, Rainbow, Soldier, Sparkle, Throat, Tongue, Utopia, Zenith".


Mob said...

I was just surprised that the birthmates list stretched on for eternity, I only expected a handful of them.

Dale said...

I heart knowing you won't bitch slap me like the last loooong quiz Reese.

Good thing you're the Saviour, Saviour. Start praying to yourself. Charisma Carpenter? I gotta look her up.

You hide your face because you're 'with the band' aren't you Beth? I remember Michael hauling Natalie Merchant into a few songs at one show and that was cool.

And when you're Jane Seymour you need at least the freaky eyes so you're not remembered only for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Tramp.

Creepy = slutty. Now it can be told.

Andi Sparkle Throat, your new stage name.

Mob - everyone's singing Why Can't I Be You?

X. Dell said...

You could add tinker, and Edison would fit all four categories.

Thanks for dropping by the X-Spot. You're welcome back any time.

Holly said...

No wonder Saviour Onassis and I are such good friends: we've got the same list.

It's a pretty weird list.... Paris Hilton? Paris Hilton?

Dale said...

Thanks x.dell, some great things over at your site! And I feel like the name x.dell could be an alter ego name for me. If I ever drop the Dale.

Ladies and Gentleworms, Holly & Saviour Hilton. Stop denying that you practice Paris' over the shoulder red carpet photog pose!

justacoolcat said...

Stand Back,

Al Pacino, Aleister Crowley, Antonio Banderas, Bruce Lee, Carmen Electra, Chris Elliott, J. Edgar Hoover, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marilyn Monroe, Mel Gibson, Muhammad Ali, Nick Nolte, Peter O'Toole, Richard Wilhelm, Ridley Scott, Robert Anton Wilson, Stephen Hawking, Voltaire, William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill.

Send me money.

X. Dell said...

Ha ha. I get it. You would be the ex-Dale.

Dale said...

Jcc - after all the liver n onions I haven't sent, you want money? Done.

X. Dell - you had to get it. Or I would have conspired.