Bacon Bits Anyone?

Al over at Bacon Bits And Midget Parts has posted about some dear family friends having lost their business and he wants to help. He's got a big twisted stinky heart apparently.

Go see him. And give him all your money. Or anything else he wants.

Me? I think I need another journal like the ones in his store. So I can not write in it like all the others I have. The pile grows. Just like piles do.


Saviour Onassis said...

Collecting blank journals is so much fun. I keep thinking that if I just find the right one, suddenly my inner novel will become a reality. Until then, it's nice to know that you have a green thumb for pile growing, just like me.

justacoolcat said...

Funny, I bought a nice pen and car journal last night. We have an amazing public radio statio here and the Jetta has a fancy radio that tells you who is playing. Time to start taking notes. That's what I do, collect journals, take notes, and add to piles.

Ever seen yes.com?

Dale said...

Let's hope that your inner novel isn't stuck in someone else's blank journal SO!

Good to know we're all packcats like you JCC. I looked at the yes.com but until Canada becomes a State, I'm outta luck I guess.

Holly said...

I somehow can't collect blank journals--I can only collect journals that have the first five or six pages filled, but the rest is blank. I have a FABULOUS collection of those.

Dale said...

I have one like that Holly, I really made a concerted effort to write things in it and still, I lament having ruined it.