Well, what can I say? I crapped out of finishing my NaNoWriMo project this year. Unless of course in the next several hours something pushes me to speed past the 35,137 words I've written so far. It seems a shame since many of the words that found their way into my junior epic were really quite good words.

I hearkened back to what I'd done with my novel last year. Nothing. Tsk tsk, not good. Why then continue with this one?

After speaking with wise friend Fred, I was made to realize that we had both proven last year that we were up to the task and therefore, we didn't necessarily need to prove this again. Oh yeah, he crapped out this year too.

He vowed, a passage made easier through several glasses of wine, that he would make some sense of what had already been written and soldier on with his own timetable. Well then, if it's good enough for Fred, it's good enough for me.

NaNoWriMo have mercy on my soul.

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