No, it doesn't stand for So Fuck You but it could! Effing Alan Ball.

Six Feet Under. Again. The finale to the series. Yeah, thass right, thass what I'm talkin' about.

Alan, what was with that future flash forward tacked on to the end of the last episode? I was already crying and ready for Claire to head off into her future. She would have been okay too. But nooooo, you had to make us watch each of the main characters unconvincingly aged and pulled years into the future by their ridiculous hair and make up to learn what kills them one by one.

Boredom. That's what kills most of them especially poor Brenda. Looks like Billy just talked her right to death and kept on a talkin'. A slew of unspectacular deaths.

What can it all mean? Am I going to die too? Will my life ultimately be insignificant? Nah, that kind of crap only happens on TV.


Deanna McFadden said...

But wasn't that the point -- to somehow get us away from the seriously tragic lives they lived in the five seasons? It was kind of nice to see them live happily ever after to some extent.

Dale said...

I'm in the minority on my dislike of the ending for sure so I'll just settle for everyone else is wrong and I'm right...again! I just prefer things open ended I guess.