Hairy Krishna

What is it with my face? And specifically my facial hair?

Every winter, because I’m lazy and because I’m told it looks good, I grow a beard. I’m nothing if not vain. There are the inevitable growing a beard? type questions which I suffer because after all, it’s small talk that makes the world go ‘round.

This year’s version of the beard has been in place since late November. I’ve had people who I work in the general vicinity of say recently ‘hey, what’s that on your face?’ and ‘growing that beard again?’ which proves to me that people just do not look at you or notice things as much as say, you do.

I’m one of those people who notices almost everything. I can tell when someone’s switched toothpastes for God’s sake. I always notice haircuts, new clothes, the fact that your life is dreadfully boring compared to mine and so on. So why can’t you find the pattern in my beard growing? It’s the same thing every year. When I shave it off, I’ll no doubt hear ‘hey, are those new glasses?’ ‘I don’t wear glasses’. ‘Well something’s changed’. ‘Yeah, I’m whitening my eyeballs with Crest Whitestrips. Now frig off’.


J. Dead said...

Once upon a time you visited a word of encouragement at my blogsite...it's been a while. I have been writing in mine on and off, testing bits of "hopeful clever" while I mostly tend to fantasies of my work in print someday, by way of a shitload of unfinished stories, that is. At any rate Mr. Dale, I finally found my way around to your blog from the comment you left. I just read "Citizen Dale" and the "Hairy Krishna" pieces....great stuff, and kindred to boot (no Canadian biasing implied at all by the word boot there...er..haha..ok sorry)

I will be checking in then from time to time. My blog isnt nearly as regularly updating as yours...but hope to see you around... Take Care,
J. Dead...aka the guy in the copyright by-line.

Dale said...

Thanks for the encouragement there Mr. Dead. I appreciate you've been busy, no doubt growing a beard or whitening your eyeballs. These things that all take time. And believe me, people eventually notice! I'll have to check your blog again and see what it's all about (oh the urge to have typed a boot there).