Out Of The Habit

I'm going to visit some of my family on Saturday for a week. An assortment of sisters will be there.

Let me tell you a few things about one of my sisters.

She's the type of person people mean when they say happy-go-lucky, someone always ready with a funny story or poised to laugh at one of yours.

Things are generally pretty black and white with her - you're either with her or you're with the terrorists. Never one for putting on airs (and having no heirs), she's at her most comfortable living, laughing and lounging around in loose fitting attire.

A few years ago, a local beer company had a promotion where if you bought a case of beer, you got a free t-shirt. As sis was home and on vacation, she took this as a chance to expand her limited wardrobe options. In a very short span, she managed to go home with 6 new t-shirts.

Every one was earned proudly and honestly. Now, normally you wouldn't catch her tossing back beer like it was going out of style or smoking a pack a day either but when you're on vacation, well, what are you gonna do?

Although I'm not a religious man, I've been praying she's already set for clothes this year.

And speaking of praying, have I mentioned that she's a nun?

Talk about the Passion.


mellowlee said...

Your sister is A sister? seriously?! Is this the one you took to see Nina? hmm

anne altman said...


does she fly?

Anonymous said...

a beer-drinking nun???

Dale said...

No Nina for her Mellowlee, she's not quite that easy going. Although Nina does do that whole 'in the name of the father and son and the holy spirit' song doesn't she?

Anne, the only flying she does is when she's high.

Only on holiday time Creepy. Even God was a bit of a wino wasn't he?

justacoolcat said...

mmmmmmmmm sacrilicous.

Dale said...

Haha, good one Coolcat. She's all that and a bag of communion wafers.

Anonymous said...

I can accept a beer-drinking nun more easily than a happy-go-lucky nun. Seems to me a requirement for that job is a thoroughly annoying earnestness, like even when you're happy and relaxing, it's because you're trying to be happy and relaxed the way God would want.

Have fun with the sisters, Dale. Out of curiosity, how many do you have?

And Happy Canada Day!

Cup said...

I'll hit that Catholic church!

Jill said...

And why does a nun needs some t-shirt???(Well it is if she is really one!!)

Dale said...

She's many things to many people just like the guy she married Holly! I've got 5 of the damned things (seesters)if you need one. Thanks for the good wishes.

Hit the Church like she hits that beer bottle Beth? That reminds me of a song (like everything else): Tear My Stillhouse Down by The Nashville Bluegrass Band

She needs something to wear under the habit Jill and when she's doing cleaning and for her own time I guess. And so she can get free beer with every purchase. (She really is one).

Coaster Punchman said...

You must have written this before we were friends. How dare you have had a life before you knew me!?

Dale said...

Was there a time when we weren't friends CP? Oh my, maybe I should have a look at your back catalogue too and by back catalogue, I mean archives you perv!