Seven Eleven

The ever engaging Doc at Social Zymurgy tagged me to give the old Seven Random or Weird Facts You Don't Know About Me meme a go. And away we go:

Some things you can't take back. I cheated on my true love many times but always came back begging for more sugar. Orange Kool Aid, you were always the one but trying to resist the exotic charms of Grape and Cherry on occasion was simply too much. I liked them all best frozen into ice cube trays.

Each night before I drift off, my inner monologue becomes so deafening that I have to listen to talk radio in order to get to sleep. Other people get to do the talking and I get to judge them instead of myself as I head off into shadow land.

Variety is the spice of life and this may explain why when I was younger, I thought Donny and Marie were much cooler than Elvis Presley. I might still think that. I did however always love Elvis Costello.

Even though I still work fairly hard at seeking the approval of my parents, I sometimes wish I'd had different ones or at least spent more time plotting.

Not thinking things through is my hallmark. I chose to wear a dark brown and possibly velour bow tie in my high school graduation photo.

amily is important to me and although I don't talk about them here, I have two beautiful children from a long defunct marriage. When I realized that I barely liked invading my own privacy to write, I decided to let them exist outside of this forum. My son will be 16 soon and my daughter is 14 going on 30.

As long as there's a moon in the sky, I still won't be able to see the man in it. I've never been able to pick out what I'm supposed to be seeing there.

Clocks and watches are very important to me although I rarely have anywhere I need to be. It makes me crazy if the ones in my house are off by even a minute.

Taking into account the blustery way I sometimes write about myself, I'm a pretty shy person. The rest? Acting!

Sometimes when I get nervous, I stick my fingers under my armpits and smell them like this. Okay, that's Mary Catherine Gallagher but I admire her for feeling free enough to do it.



Tanya Espanya said...

It's too bad people don't know you in person because you truly are an amazing person. I love you!

Okay, enough of that bullsh!t.

How does Coke feel about your Kool-Aid rendezvous?

P.S. No mention of your 7-month-old baby?

WendyB said...

I'm so with you on the acting thing.

Doc said...

Dale- Thank you so much for sharing, as well as the accusation that I can be engaging.

1. I understand the kool aid thing, as I am in the sugar peddling business myself, working in a bakery. Frozen kool aid cubes are also a great way to add a little zing to your mixed drinks.
2. I have trouble with an inner monologue myself and blogging seems to be the only way to shut the little S.O.B. up.
3. Donny and Marie? Really? I share your love of Elvis Costello. This is one of the many cool artists that Flannery turned me onto when we first started dating.
4. Everybody does.
5. I made the mistake of a red laser grid as the background for my senior photo, as well as the poorly thought out idea of a curly blond mullet. Who knew those would go out of style?
6. I have often wondered about your family as they never make any appearence in your writings, even in passing. The only women that show up are Tanya, the bagel lady, and Miss Honeypot. I'm glad to know you have teenagers as I'm going to be needing some serious fatherly advice very soon as I have a five year old who feels she is ready to start dating.
7. The man in the moon looks like Jackie Gleason just like the begining of the Honeymooners.
8. Ditto.
9. Same here, just acting.
10. Pit smellers unite!

I love reading the stuff you post and look forward to more of the Passion of the Dale. You were the one to inspire me to add an audio link to my post, although I can never seem to keep up with it as well as you do.

Your devoted Reader,

Unknown said...


You are my hero. I can so relate to the nightly "head speak". I might try talk radio.

I am quite the actress myself.

I am not a pit sniffer..but am a blow on my hand then sniff..so am I a palm sniffer, a breath sniffer, or a pb sniffer?

My teenagers turned into adults and moved on...it happens.

Cap'n Ergo "XL+II" Jinglebollocks said...

makes me nuts when my clocks are off, as well.

I'm polyamorous when it comes to Kool-Aid, and I make no bones 'bout it and I'm not ashamed.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am so glad that those god damned magic eye things have gone out of style, as I have never ever been able to see that god damned sailboat of whatever it was I was supposed to see. Damn near tore an eye muscle trying. So I sympathize on the man in the moon thing.

How lovely that you have teenagers! You would be a fun dad, actually, even from a distance.

Dale said...

I won't let them know me Tanya, I hate them! Kool Aid and I broke up a while back when they started premixing instead of letting me add the 5 pound bag of sugar. What's his name looks great in his little tux. Rowbear I mean.

We should meet and do a scene together then WendyB and then I'll buy some of your excellent jewelry.

Doc, your comment qualifies as a post in itself! I liked Donny & Marie but Elvis barely blipped on my radar which is odd considering the size of him. On a brave day, maybe we'll do a compare and contrast of the grad photos and then delete our blogs. Thanks for the excellent compliments, I really enjoy all you do too.

Hey Melly Mel, give the talk radio a try, especially 'Coast to Coast AM'. I'm my hero too.

Let there be no shame with the Kool Aid Hot Lemon. Hey, did they have Lemon? I think Freshie had a lemon-lime flavour. What time is it?

Ack! I could never see them either Barbara. I knew there was a reason we've been seeing each other. I'm a fun but long distance dad unfortunately as they live in another province. Email, the telephone and semi frequent visits get us by though.

Anonymous said...

Wow you learn something new everyday when it comes to these meme's. One thing I have noticed is since you started your blog back in 04, you had no comments on your posts nor did you have many in 05. Then word got out about you and BAM, here you are with 30+ comments on most all your posts.

Please don't leave us like you left your first love.

Your kids are very lucky to have a Dad like you, but they probably already know that.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"As long as there's a moon in the sky, I still won't be able to see the man in it. I've never been able to pick out what I'm supposed to be seeing there."

This should help.

"Taking into account the blustery way I sometimes write about myself, I'm a pretty shy person. The rest? Acting!"


Jake's Mom said...

I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments."
---Jim Morrison
Somehow I felt this quote was calling out to your heart. ;-) Your writing still makes me smile...not too much pressure.

chelene said...

Reading the words "velour bow tie" made me smile.

Coaster Punchman said...

I'm with Chelene. I think your readers should have a look at this bow tie.

Dale said...

I'm very lucky to have such great comments from such a great group Bluez and I appreciate them all. I'm not breaking up with you yet but I can be fickle. I'm very lucky to have those rotten kids. :-)

Excellent teaching tool Write Procrastinator. I get it, I finally get it!

Great find Jake's Mom. I'm shopping for leather pants and letting my hair grow right now!

I thought it got bright in here Chelene.

Only if I see everyone else's graduation photo first CP. Beth? Time for another 'Sunshine' contest?

Allison said...

Excellent meme!

I used to be the same with the clocks in my apartment, but then I moved across the pond and have yet to buy a clock. Thankfully, my internal one is always 5 minutes fast, so I don't show up to things late.

I think we need to see pictures of this bow tie. :)

Dale said...

Maybe that's the trick Allison, I could get rid of all the clocks and start over. Pictures of the bow tie - hmm, doesn't seem so likely.

X. Dell said...

I could have sworn I replied to this message.

X. Dell said...

Here we go again:

1. It's hard to resist the temptations for cherry anything. Just sayin'.

2. Ah, so that's how come you know about the Art of Bell. That must be some inner dialogue, since you find stories of alien abduction and Mel's hole less intense.

Come to think about it, I think stories of alien abduction and Mel's hole are less intense. What does that say about me?

3. Well, in 1973, Donnie and Marie were cooler than Elvis, whose image had by that time degenerated into a cariacture of himself, only heavier.

4. Well, in this life, if you finish in last place, you might get the first round draft pick upon reincarnating.

5. Listen, no one can go ever wrong with a brown velour bowtie.

6. Before you know it, your kids might invade your blog, and post that funny picture that you thought you had destroyed into your hacked webpage.

7. You're suppose to see Andy Kaufman on the moon.

8. Malcolm X always said, "Never trust anyone who doesn't wear a watch. Never trust anyone who is careless with time."

9. Acting as a non-shy person? You're obviously not using the Stanislavsky method.

10. Avoid finger-smelling Catholic girls. After all, you don't know where the rest of them has been.

11. Twelve.

Valerie said...

Nice post. I definitely learned a lot about you...and I like you even more now.

Anonymous said...

Funnyt how those memes bring out things you never expected to share.
BTW, loved the "seven facts" trope

Julia Phillips Smith said...

'I'm polyamorous when it comes to Kool-Aid' (Hot Lemon) - you see, there's nothing you've done that's really that bad, Dale.

paperback reader said...

I've got to admit two things: I don't care for Elvis, either, for reasons partially described by Chuck D. Stealing a bunch of songs from black dudes and making millions from it doesn't make me want to rock, it fills me with liberal guilt.

Thing #2: I am impressed that you've managed to keep your family free and clear, much like a Sprint family phone plan. So many people end up writing about nothing but "Hey, my cats sure are funny!" or "my kids are a handful!" and the world needs far more Dales and far less of those sites. Excelsior, sir!

Cup said...

But do you love Elvis Costello more than Donnie and Marie?

Chancelucky said...

I was very impressed with Marie Osmond when she was on Dancing with the Stars. She fainted on one show. Her son was in rehab or something. She still smiled a lot and tried to turn it into exposure for a talk show job or something.

Come to think of it, Elvis would have been great on Dancing with Deceased Stars. I could definitely have seen him competing with Jesus though maybe not the Mahomet. I just hope neither of them dances like they have a pencil up into their backs though.

You could even watch that show with your children.

Dale said...

It's not polite to swear X. Dell but I fucking hate it when my comments get eaten like that! I enjoy the Art of Bell and the George of Norry very much and sometimes they keep me awake too. Please tell me how many velour bow ties you have. Your multipart comment was most enjoyable. Thirteen.

I can make you love me Valerie, just a couple of more memes, I know it!

You made me look up "trope" Gifted Typist, thank you. I'm all about the sharing, but in increments.

Standing to next to Hot Lemon I'm sure I'd feel clean Julia. He's a bad man clearly.

So you've stolen from Chuck D. now Pistols? You're worse than Elvis! I'm starting a blog about cats that have devoted their lives to the illegitimate children of Elvis and you will love it.

Yes I do Beth, he's both more rock and roll and country than they ever were.

I enjoyed the coverage of the fainting of Marie very much Chancelucky as long as nobody mentioned the creepy dolls she sells. I keep bringing it up but that's different. The kids liked seeing her take the fall too.

gennifer6 said...

You love the correct Elvis. You're fine.

Dale said...

I'm okay Genn6, just okay.