Search Me!

After having neglected my Site Meter for far too long, I sent myself back out on the hunt for the amusing ways people end up on my blog. It’s really the fault of everyone’s favourite zombie because she recently did a post like this herself. Don’t worry, blaming’s not always bad.

Some amusing searches turned up -- “man comes around strum” and “president’s choice self carve turkey” but one in particular made my eyebrow do that funny arch thing I’ve been practicing since childhood.

This was the search that caught my eyebrow: “chilling drinks with hailstones”. Sure, that's strange but stranger yet was how Google decided to involve itself.

Often if you type a search into Google and you've spelled something incorrectly or the term is similar to something else, they intervene and politely ask “Did you mean _______?”

In this case, Google asked instead of chilling drinks with hailstones, “Do You Mean chilling drinks with gallstones?” Don’t believe me? Click here. Unless they’re suggesting that you somehow combine organ harvesting with happy hour, I'm at a loss.

In other search related news, I was thinking I needed a blog header to spruce up the place a little. I was trying to figure out who could help me with such an undertaking and remembered that Chris, most excellent writer of The Radloff's Random Midnight Thoughts also runs an outfit called HippieBoy Design. While I hate overachievers, I have to say, I’m still smirking at his excellent handiwork. When I find myself stuck for something to write (90% of the time), my glazed gaze now has something worthwhile to fall upon.

Thanks Chris, I like it, I really like it!


Anonymous said...

A cat with a monocle! A cat with a top-hat, yay!

I just lost all other thoughts, monocles and top-hats have that affect over me.

Fran said...

Your new header is totally fecking amazing BTW. Digging it very much.

Aside from the top-cat I find that it is really the plastic thingy that you used to put in the 45 that really gets me going.

That sounds bad, doesn't it? At least I hope so. I always loved my 45's.

SkylersDad said...

outstanding header! Chris does some shit-hot work.

Joe said...

I am totally envious of your new header.

And thanks for tipping me off to some unique drink-chilling ideas.

Gifted Typist said...

Thing is: these google searches are linking into something on your blog. So you are implicated

Phronk said...

That is one nice header.

Self carve turkey reminds me of this: http://data.tumblr.com/8bGtfT3Xk409ohhq6cfvkx0O_400.jpg

Moderator said...

The thought of chilling drinks with gallstones is chilling in itself.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Do you need to rinse the gallstones first, I wonder? Probably not, if you are putting them in a tomato juice based drink. Just speculating here.

That's one sweet header and I'll bet that Rizzo is pleased with it. Except I can never remember that cat's name.

Esther said...

Wow, I love the new look! I always get search queries for violin music, which is funny considering how unmusical I am.

Chris the Hippie said...

Dale gives me too much credit. The ideas for the banner were his, I just implemented them... He provided the materials, I just hammered 'em together. But I was happy to do so, and I'm glad y'all like it!

I would like to mention that my first draft had the word "Honeypot" in it five times.

Chancelucky said...

I confess that I found your site by doing a search for "Annoying Canadian people" You were on like page 10 behind Margot Kidder but ahead of Wayne Gretzky and I'm so glad I looked through all those links.

Mine turned up on page 243 of "Obnoxious bloggers from California".

Ed & Jeanne said...

Funny...I always get to your site by searching on 'Frozen Yeti gentilia'. But, hey, that's just me...

It's a call to arms. Yep, I'm calling to your arms. VE is in desperate need of your support. You must visit my Tue post immediately. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. The gnomes are waiting...

Doc said...

I would like to pat myself on the back and say my cartoon had some small influence on the header, but that would be self-aggrandizing and I hate to do that.

I'm perfectly happy to have others do it for me.

I love what you have done with the place Dale, and Chris has earned all the compliments he gets.

I wonder if the gallstones would be on one of those little paper umbrellas?


BeckEye said...

You are one sophisticated cat.

paperback reader said...

I love the new banner and its literal use of a monocled fatcat. Well done, team Dale!

Dale said...

I did it for you Allison! But not in a creepy stalkerish way. But I can see you through my monocle.

I used to use the thingy as my avatar Fran until Tanya Espanya forced me to change it. I'm glad you feel the love from my thingy.

He done good Skyler's Dad.

I knew you'd appreciate a new drink idea Bubs since you make such tasty ones yourself. That sounded a bit creepy didn't it?

If I'm not at least an accessory to something be it animate or inanimate Gifted Typist, I feel useless. They found my hail storm video from a couple of months ago, I had nothing to do with the googlestones.

Brilliant link Phronk. I felt all happy yet scared and hungry at the same time.

You found the right temperature with your comment Grant Miller.

Her name is Rosalie now Barbara and no, never rinse the bodily goodness from the gallstones or your drink will fall flat.

You have seen the title of your blog though right Esther? :-)

Thankfully you only hit my thumb once while hammering Chris. I was going to hand over surveillance video of Honeypot for the final design but it's so precious to me, I couldn't share.

I don't mind that Margot Kidder got all the looks and the crazy Chancelucky as long as I'm in the Hot 100. You my friend, need to work on your obnoxiousness if you want to move on up your list!

While I would never sit on frozen Yeti genitalia while searching VE, I'm not here to judge. I will wrap my electronic arms around you and vote for a cure.

Of course your cartoons inspired me Doc, if you knew how often I looked at them and grinned like a fool, you'd be much more frightened. I'll bring my gallstone umbrella party favours to Tiki if I ever make it your way.

A sophisticat Beckeye? Meow.

It's actually a photograph of me Pistols so really, it all just works.

Anonymous said...

When are we gonna see some updated Rizzo shots?

Sean Wraight said...

Monocled kitties and flying ballerinas. A perfect little mental portrait of your very psyche. Your new header is pure perfection Dale.

I must tell you as well. Your recent audio blog was terrific. Always on the vangard you are my friend.

Well done!


katrocket said...

yay! Chris gives great header!

also - I love the idea of chilling my cocktails with hailstones. It's so organic.

Anonymous said...

Chilling drinks with hailstones OF COURSE! I knew there was an alternative when running out of ice. Why has no one thought of this before? What if it's one of those baseball sized hailstones though, it would totally get wedged in a glass leaving no room for the most important alcohol which would be a crime. That wouldn't work for me AT ALL. Stupid idea! Tsk!

Dale said...

Katrocket - I am so in love with you right now and also, at most other times. Highlarious!

You make a good point Vegetable Assassin! Chilled hailstones or gallstones are for punks! Booze first, last and always!!

WendyB said...

*walking outside with diet Coke, waiting for hail*

Mob said...

All of my weird searches are dirty ones because I keep mentioning my Mother In Law or the Maid, and then I say 'Fuck' a lot, it sends Google into strange territory.

whoissecretdubai said...

a humble request...(for anyone not allowing this post through--not spam--)

Anyone happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: secretdubai.blogspot.com) is?


Gifted Typist said...

Dale, you've rebranded! Shurely a post is due!

Dale said...

Uh oh, I think I skipped a couple of comments, blame Katrocket, I was laughing too hard at her comment.

Bluez, Rizzo refuses to let me publish too many photos, she's wearing dark glasses right now.

It won't be perfect Sean until I get Chris to add the prescription bottles, hypodermic needles, a Jesus action figure and a pithy bumper sticker of some kind. I'm glad you liked the audio post!!

Wear a hail proof but stylish hat WendyB, I don't want anything untoward happening to you.

If you 'google' 'strange' I wonder how close you are to the top of the list 'Mob'?

I like how you singled me out to ask your question to Secret person, me and about 1000 other people. It's an interesting idea for a blog with one post and a zillion comments, are you going for some sort of wacky wrap up on the news or something? Is it working? Or are your secrets safe forever?

I done one Gifted Typist, but only because you said I should.

Anonymous said...

I STARED at that 45 record thing. It was the first thing that caught my eye! I thought-- I KNOW what that is-- I just can't think of it. I KNOW what it is-- I KNOW what it is. Somewhere deep in my memory-- it finally hit!!! I LOVE those things!!

Great job on the header!!

Dale said...

it's mesmerizing isn't it Tina? I used to use it instead of the Bee that I have now. Don't stare too long, you might start spinning and singing!