Celebrity Sex

I've been reading with interest all the brushes with celebrity that Old Lady and Coaster Punchman seem to have had. I've had lots of sightings but I tend to not want to interact with my celebrities unless it's for sex. If I could just get them to stop calling me the next day. Ugh.

In a tenuously related way, twice removed sort of situation, I offer this pale tidbit. Next Wednesday, I'm going to see the musical Chicago which is in town for a limited run. I've seen the film but not the play. Did you know that Chicago was actually played by Toronto? Every day I pass the building they used as the jailhouse as the train rolls by the historic Distillery district. In a not so historic move, the building is now being converted into condominiums. Progress?

Back to the celebrity bit, the husband of a woman I work with was Richard Gere's stand in on that movie. When I learned this, I asked about 100 questions and learned that Mr. Gere was very nice and gave her husband a leather jacket at the end of filming as a thank you. She told me that they always get invited to wrap parties for films he works on but they never go. I would! And then I'd name drop for years.

In related news, there is a lady at work who was the stand in for Ricki Lake on a film several years back. I can't say who things worked out better for in that case.


Anonymous said...

I haven't had celebrity sex, damn!

chelene said...

I've seen a couple of celebs. The scariest is Mickey Rourke (his face is a mess) followed closely by Harvey Keitel who I couldn't look at without remembering that (terrifying) scene in The Piano. Neither is sexy. Even though I have visual confirmation that Harvey has the necessary equipment I wouldn't touch him with someone else's hand.

Joe said...

Toronto seems to be the favorite place to fake Chicago. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was shot there, I think. Toronto has also done a splendid job standing in for New York. I think Mimic, the killer mutant roach movie, was shot there.

Cup said...

I once made Mick Jagger laugh over my conduct with a carrot. Does that count as celebrity sex?

Coaster Punchman said...

Name dropping? Who, me? Speaking of Ricki Lake, I used to have the gym teacher from Hairspray as a client. Mindy and I had Thanksgiving with her one year, and she even brought her whistle.

Dale said...

You're supposed to say yet Old Lady. I have, in my dreams.

I wonder what Harvey was doing following Mickey Chelene? Har har. What a scary couple of guys.

Tons of movies have been shot here much to the chagrin of many Americans but I think now that our dollar is stronger, you're staying home a bit more.

It sounds like a good beginning for a blog post Beth. You're not just gonna dangle that carrot and then take it away are you?!

That's very cool CP, I must attend one of your famous turkey photo op dinners!

X. Dell said...

Here in New York, celebs are a dime a dozen. I try to avoid them, as many tend to go out of their way to be nasty. I chalk it up to food poisoning. They've obviously been eating their own publicity.

New Yorkers also consider it bad form to name drop.

Finally, what place looks more like the US than Canada?

Dale said...

I love your eating their own publicity line X. Dell. It was in good form.