The Kids Aren't Alright

Today there were statistics on the news screen in the elevator about the food bank and how of the thousands of people who must use their services daily, 38% of them are children. I was horrified. Why aren't these kids out working?!


Anonymous said...

They're the ones dealing the drugs!

One day I need to tell you about some of these food and outreach things.

Anonymous said...

You got me with that one-- I didn't see the punchline approaching.

Anonymous said...

The least they could do is volunteer.

Coaster Punchman said...

I used to think the same thing about my cat. Every now again, in the morning, I would give her a lecture about how damn lucky she was she didn't have to go out and get a job. "Wouldn't we all like to sit around the house all day?" I would tell her. She would just stare, non-responsively. Pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

Because of all the migrant workers taking away their jobs.

X. Dell said...

I'd say that if kids are hungry, then something else isn't working.

Anonymous said...

goddamnned newfangled child labor laws.

Dale said...

I must ask for a price list Old Lady.

I meant to punch but not to hurt PFS.

Exactly Tanya, lazy ass junior mofos.

That cat was trouble CP. Tanya's cats are like that too. Rotten brats. I like that you tried though.

There are lots of jobs to go around, some of these kids just don't want to work Creepy.

I'd say you got that just right X. Dell. Of course I'm only about half as mean as I pretend to be.

It's an outrage Yasamin. First they do shoddy needlework on my clothes and now they flat out refuse?