Damn It Jim!

I can't entirely blame Jacy for this post but would my mind be whirring so if it wasn't for her blog name (Reject The Kool Aid)? Probably, yes.

Kool Aid - ah, how you helped fuel those sugary summer days of my childhood and let me freeze you in ice cube trays for later chipping away at. And of course, how can I forget the mass murder / suicide connotation?

Jonestown. 1978. Some 900 followers of the Reverend Jim Jones ended up drinking Grape flavoured Kool Aid and following him to their deaths.

Not long ago, The Hour's George Stromboulopoulos sat down with the Reverend's son Stephan who was away with the basketball team while the horror unfolded. He talks about how he wanted to kill his father and his life then and now. The interview is a fascinating insider's look into a terrible event. The video is here.


Chancelucky said...

I actually preferred Funny Face which I think disappeared from the market because it used cyclamates as an artificial sweetener. All their flavors had an accompanying cartoon character for the ad.

Kool-Aid had a frozen version known as Kook-pops...They gave you little plastic sticks and molds for making kool-aid popsicles.

I did always want one of those smiling pitchers.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have a Kool-Aid pitcher and six cups.

I didn't even realize that Jim Jones had a son, let alone a surviving one. Pretty fascinating interview. Holy crap, I thought I had issues with MY dad.

Tanya Espanya said...

Yes, I listened to the podcast. Interesting and odd.

Allison said...

At university we'd mix kool-aid with vodka. I don't recommend it, as its basically drinking straight vodka. Subsequently I have no recollection of my entire first month of school.

I'm going to watch that interview now, thanks for posting it.

Cup said...

I need to watch that video!

Jacy said...

Does anyone remember Lolas? The big triangular blocks of flavoured ice that you'd sit outside and suck on during heatwaves and they'd make your lips numb and whatever the colour of the flavour you were sucking?

I LOVED those.

And who hasn't wanted to kill a parent every now and again?

Tanya Espanya said...

Jacy, I loved Lolas, except I couldn't bite them because it would hurt my teeth, so I would always mash them up like a slushy...mmmm grape....

anandamide said...

God, I remember when that happened. So creepy...

Every time I drink a glass of purple kool-aid, I say out loud in an irish accent "This is a flavor Jim Jones stole from Kool-Aid, and I'm stealin' it back !!!"

mellowlee said...

Wow! Thanks for posting that link Dale. I had missed that show. Amazing. BTW, have you seen my b/f George lately? heehee

T said...

Maybe 'dad' put his son on that basketball team on purpose? Timing is everything,--even in madness.

BeckEye said...

There is a really funny video based on a Dane Cook stand-up bit about Kool-Aid, namely the Kool-Aid guy. Now, I know in today's comedy climate, it's cool to hate Dane Cook, but this is funny I tellz ya! Go watch.


Moderator said...

Holy cow.

Anonymous said...


I still drink Kool-Aid though.

paperback reader said...

I watched some really solid documentary about Jonestown at the L.A. Film Fest last year and it was compelling, though I'll note this interview was noticeably absent. I was in the same room with a bunch of the survivors and I felt compelled to take one of their lives as a souvenir.

What can I say? I'm a big collector, and just because my collections are of souls and reasons I'm going to hell doesn't make it less valid a collection than your baseball cards of old white dudes with weird names.

katrocket said...

We could only afford Freshie.

X. Dell said...

One of these days, I'll post about Jonestown. Lots of CIA connections in that one.

But I want to take a look at that video.

Dale said...

I haven't heard of Funny Face but too many cyclamates and you might have one I think Chancelucky. I didn't like the stick things for the frozen Kool Aid. I preferred the cube form, a large plastic glass and a spoon. Those pitchers were pretty cool.

So should we drop by for drinks Barbara? I didn't know he had a surviving son either and yeah, it puts a little perspective on family discord doesn't it?

Was it the video podcast Tanya? Interesting stuff. Oh, and nice seeing you today and that sweet child o yours.

Anything goes with vodka I'd say Allison. Hope you enjoyed the interview. George gets some really great guests.

I guess it's just what you needed Beth!

Wishing a parent dead is time honoured Jacy but having Jim for a dad, well, I bet he never bought the kids a Lola! I liked them but always found their triangular configuration a bit difficult to enjoy.

Slushy making is excellent Lola usage Tanya.

It was very creepy Anandamide but I'm glad you're taking back the flava for us all.

You know Mel, I haven't seen him wandering around in a long time. I think when he's not crashing his motorcycle trying to be all Clooney like, he's holed up doing show prep.

Nothing says love like killing everyone in town except your son T. You might be on to something there.

The animation was pretty funny Beckeye. I never got what the big deal was with Dane so I'm happy to join the haters. I can't remember if it was Tina Fey or Conan O'Brien during one of their interviews that described Star Jones as the Kool Aid man busting through a wall but that made me laugh pretty hard.

That's some fucked up shit, am I right Grant?

I haven't had it in years but I'm willing to give it another whirl Suzel. Do you still get to add 5 pounds of sugar per packet?

Send me a postcard made out of the skin Pistols and I'll send you some of my collection. Are you the guy that keeps getting banned from eBay for selling kidneys and such?

Freshie! I wondered who would bring it up Kat. I hated the freshie and that damned toucan with the straw or whatever that was.

The video makes for compelling retelling X. Dell and I'm sure you're right about the CIA connections.