The New Guy (A Honeypot Mystery) - Audio Blog

It's been quite some time since I've done an audio blog post and so, please direct yourself to the little GCast player on my sidebar to the right (under Let's Go Audio) and press play. It clocks in at a very lengthy 86 seconds so hopefully, it won't hurt too much.

It's going to be a long summer. How do I know? Honeypot's got a new man (or an old one) and it could get pretty sleazy. If I'm lucky.


Writeprocrastinator said...

It says "no posts, try again in five minutes."

Writeprocrastinator said...

Nevermind, sounds pretty good so far. Very vivid detail, Dale. He sounds like an older version of DeNiro's character in Tarantion's film of Elmore Leonard's "Jackie Brown."

Mob said...

I love these little audio snippets; windows into your life, and those of anyone around you.

I would love for you to move to as better neighborhood, but I fear the blog might suffer as a consequence.

paperback reader said...

Ha! I was the 84th runner-up for the Marlboro Man.

Then again, I don't have a sweet-ass ponytail or a blue terrycloth bathrobe.

You should invite him over for some guitar hero...but only if you're ready to fall in love.

X. Dell said...

I'm actually wondering about how much contact you and Honeypot have actually made. Do you know each other's name, for example?

If so, it's always good to have a guy handy with cars around. Could save you hundreds of dollars.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Could you please read the telephone book to me for a few hours? I need something soothing and beautiful in my ear.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maybe Honeypot and her cowboy would like to go on a double date with you. Things could get interesting.

Fran said...

First of all, I loved hearing your voice. Now of course I had already figured I would hear the Canadian in you (which is a good thing) but your voice sounded strangely like I thought it would.

As for the story- oh Dale Dale Dale. Damn you are good.

The blue bathrobe. The towel on the head to protect the pony tail. The possible father of one of the kids - the nose matches.


And it is all happening before your eyes!

Ed said...

I want a blue terry-cloth bathrobe too. Damn those trend-setters...

Anonymous said...

So that's where Father Edward has been on his vacation. Excellent. His homilies will be so exciting when he gets back!

Joe said...

"He has the air of a man who's seen a lot of things but probably hasn't understood most of them..."

Dale, I think that's possibly the most brilliant line I've ever heard!

As a reward for doing such brilliant audio, you've been tagged

Dale said...

I'm glad you waited and tried again WP. If only it was a movie I was watching unfold instead of my life!

The neighborhood's great Mob, it's just that there happen to be people in it. Move closer, I dare you.

I don't think the intensity would be something either of us could handle Pistols. Can I see your photo and resume for the modelling thing? I promise to be nice.

So far X. Dell, I've managed to get away with just a few waves and hellos. We're not ready for names or looking each other directly in the eye, I'm not anyway.

I could just start recording myself saying numbers to infinity Elizabeth. For you, I'd definitely consider it.

Or we could rewrite the song to "Just The Three Of Us..." Barbara.

I only have eyes for you Fran, and atrocity at close range. Glad you enjoyed my Canadianness.

You really should cover up a little VE, I'm worried about your skin in the sun.

Forgive Suze Fr. Ed for she knows not what she says. Well, she does, but I'm trying to save her soul too.

I love it when you say things like that Bubs. Just for that, I will add your tag to the pot and try to promise to maybe sort of think of doing it. I'm uberlazy.

chelene said...

Is he spitting tobacco or just regular old saliva?

Coaster Punchman said...

I too have seen many things but didn't understand most of them. Let me know if Honeypot gets single again.

SkylersDad said...

By the way, you have been tagged at my place.

Chancelucky said...

good to hear you back on audio again. I loved the line about "seen a lot of things in life, but probably does't understand most of them". I suspect you're just jealous of the guy.

In the meantime, where do they sit now that the couch got taken away. Or did it get taken away?

mellowlee said...

I enjoyed the new audio cast Dale! I caught a hint of your Eastern Canadian accent on the word "car" this time...funny I haven't noticed it in the other posts ;O) It made me smile, and I thought of another of my favorite Canadians for the East. Have a great long weekend Dale

Sans Pantaloons said...

We are so alike.
I was 87th.

Falwless said...

Finally got a chance to listen to this. I'll just say, elizabeth mcquern took the words from my fingertips. Goodness. That voice.

Dale said...

Just the regular old horking up of saliva Chelene, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

A guy like you could really turn things around for her Coaster Punchman. She'd get over the dizziness eventually.

You monster Skyler's Dad! How could you?

It's tough to admit jealousy but I will Chancelucky. He may have had it all figured out once but then lost the napkin he wrote the answers down on. The couch is gone. They're back to moulded plastic deck chairs, all in the purest white.

Generally, it's the caaaaar sound that gives it away Mellowlee and someone recently caught me saying 'eh' three times in a row. My disguise as a citizen of the world is in question. Hope you had a great weekend too.

See Mr. Pantaloons? There's a place for everyone.

It's good to hear you like what you hear Falwless. Need to me to read your grocery list or anything?

Anonymous said...

Geeze my neighbors are boring compared to yours. Only thing I have going for me is looking across the street at the truck family. There's gotta be 7 pickup trucks for a family of 5, two who aren't even old enough to drive. Hey he's got a ponytail too. He looks just like his wife.

katrocket said...

I love your audio posts. Your voice has the magical lilt of John Waters on Vicodin.

Dale said...

Yours sound peachy too Bluez. Mine aren't that exciting either, they're just there.

I need Vicodin Katrocket, can you hook me up?