Honey For The Bees

My Guitar Hero fascination has waned sufficiently that I no longer feel withdrawal pains when I'm away from my plastic toy (that didn't sound right). Interest may be renewed when the Aerosmith edition lands in a store near me but only if a Steven Tyler scarf is included to hang on the end of my guitar (and by guitar, I mean guitar).

You'd think this would free me up to get outdoors and spy on Honeypot more. No, I busy myself now with praying for rain so as not to feel guilty about strapping myself in for hours and playing Super Mario Galaxy. Although the cartoon violence is mild, I make sure to swear as much as possible while failing at ridiculous tasks to make it seem more like an adult pursuit.

At points in the game, Mario gets a little help by transforming and acquiring new abilities. When he turned into a bee, I thought, I really should be blogging. I waited several hours until that passed but now I'm in between galaxies so here I am.In other news, I'll be calling the first lady of tact in a short while to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. I sent her a book I think she'll enjoy and hope she'll remember not to try reading it while driving. The most comforting part of the call is in our ritual at the end. Her "I wish you were closer" will be answered by my "yes, I know". I'm fairly sure the quiet delight that I'm not, goes unnoticed.

It's looking like a decent day shaping up so I really should fly and see what the buzz is in the outside world.


Cup said...

I got lucky this Mother's Day. My high-drama Mama doesn't want us doing anything for her (I'm assuming we're all bad children for some imagined slight), so instead I'm nursing a wicked hangover.

BeckEye said...

I hope the Aerosmith edition doesn't include that crappy Armageddon song.

Ugh, can you just imagine a Guitar Hero: Diane Warren edition??

Anonymous said...

I had to check to see if the First Lady was your mama or Espanya.

Distributorcap said...

i am sure you mother loves you!

no jimi hendrix?

Jill said...

So you are planning to playing guitar hero with leopard print pant and a scarf of you guitar!
That would make killer funny pictures!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Mario looks far too pleased to be sporting that pointy little black stinger in his bum. I don't trust him. Or maybe I just want him to come shopping with me at the sex toy store.

Chancelucky said...

guitar hero instead of blogging? That's just out of the question.
I woke up early and rode my bike down to the store to get my wife flowers and coffee (not together). She liked it, then our daughter woke up a couple hours later unaware of what I'd done and got her flowers and coffee again.
Does Korean Bagel Lady have children? btw I didn't get the coffee from KBL.

Tenacious S said...

Allison Moyet is practicing for the upcoming Yaz tour. For realz!

Dread Pirate Jessica said...

Awhile ago, I agreed to catsit for a friend here, on the basis that I thought her Wii would be in her apartment while I did so. And then she took it on holiday with her.

I don't blame her.

Dale said...

The smart money's always on you Beth. Wicked hangovers usually mean you had a blast! You're not typing from jail are you?

I'm praying they leave out a whole bunch of crap songs and stick to the good stuff Beckeye. I don't wanna close my eyes (and play).

Tanya has marginally more tact than my mother Gifted Typist so she's safe (for now).

I'm pretty sure she loves me too Distributor Cap despite my efforts. Maybe I should have gotten her a Hendrix cd?

I'm getting lip implants too Jill, I'm going to look awesome.

That's what I thought, he looks a little pervy Barbara. Nice stinger Mario!

I'm guessing the end result of all that love found your wife wired and sneezing Chancelucky? I can export some coffee down if you need it ever.

That's great news Tenacious S. Maybe I'll finally see her if she hits this side of the world.

That's cruel and unusual Mistress, next time get the terms of the contract hammered out first.

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

I can't think of a worse band to have a whole GH game dedicated to than Aerosmith. Ugh. What is a rocker chick to do?

Writeprocrastinator said...

Careful where you pollinate, Dale.

Creepy said...

The scarves need to be tied to the microphone stand, not the guitar. (Sorry, I'm an Aerosmithsonian.)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to pump those lips up!

Joe said...

Was the book you sent your mom a self-help book? Because moms love getting self-help books from their kids.

Falwless said...

This post totally makes me want to go buy a game system. Too bad I am entirely too lazy to do things like "leave the house" or "go buy a game system." Oh well. Your blog inspires me to new heights.

Jill said...

I don't think that you have a face for the lips implants, you should give us a preview so that we can vote if you should get them!

Leonesse said...

Is switched to Rock Band drums.

Moderator said...

If you get a chance, go to youtube and look up some of the guys playing Guitar Hero on expert. They're so good it's insane.

Coaster Punchman said...

Guitar Hero is like this strange mystery to me. I don't even know what it is but am aware that everyone is obsessed with it, and even have to get treated for carpal tunnel because of it. My goal is never to find out more about it.

I think you should give your mom away.

X. Dell said...

It's about time you were incorporated into a video game. Now all you need to do is grow a mustache, and people will ask for your autograph.

Dale said...

Who would you have nominated then Flannery? I'm not uber excited about it either although it'll be nice to have some different songs to play.

I'm always very careful WP, don't want to get stung.

I knew that would be a problem Creepy but the game doesn't come with a mic stand so I took liberties. For shame. I like the sound of Aerosmithsonian. Now they know what to call their museum. Trademark the name.

Who ever heard of a bee with lips Bluez?

Thanks for the excellent suggestion Bubs, she's going to kill me next time!

At least you were able to type about your paralysis Falwless, come over and we can play together. I invite because I know you're too lazy to come. See how nice I am?

Stop soliciting photos of me Jill, reread the restraining order please.

It may be my next move to get Rock Band when it comes out for Wii, Leonesse. But then, I'd have to rent two friends to play with. That's expensive!

Grant Miller, overachieving is overrated. They are pretty amazing.

Now that I understand your goal CP, get ready to hear about Guitar Hero and only Guitar Hero. You bring this upon yourself. Nobody will take Mom, I've tried.

Sometimes I wish I was more animated X. Dell. Sigh.

paperback reader said...

I've never had a woman say "I wish you were closer" unless she also was wielding a taser.

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

Other bands for GH:

Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin
Ozzy Osborne/Randy Rhodes
Bon Jovi, even
Jethro Tull
The Go-Go's
The Monkees
The list goes on...

Dale said...

That's a great list Flannery! Why don't they just allow you to download any song and they convert it for gameplay? I'm sure the technology's there somewhere.

Jill said...

You just had to have the damn thing written in french, I might understand it better!

Dale said...

Stop asking for photos Jill and listen to what the cops told you about staying away from me. Understand?

Jill said...

But the cop was cute, and I was too interested at looking his ass to notice what he was saying!

Dale said...

Touche Jill!